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Is XBT News Trader a Scam?

A lot of reviews have already been written about XBT News Trader which is a trading tool that generates signals after analysing several news sources.

The funny thing about the reviews we have come across is that some are negative and some are positive. It is not possible for a trading system to be both negative and positive. It can be either one and to find out which side of the coin it actually belongs to, we decided to conduct a detailed research.

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

We found it important to carry out an investigation because we don’t want traders to miss out on a potentially rewarding piece of software in case it is a good one. On the other hand, we also don’t want traders to become a victim of a scam in case this software has been launched with bad intentions.

So if you are looking for truthful information about XBT News Trader, we encourage you to read our comprehensive and unbiased review.

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XBT News Trader – The Truth

It is quite surprising that XBT News Trader is offered for free. By the way, is there anything such as a free and highly accurate trading tool? No, there isn’t.

Whoever developed this system claims that anyone can use it regardless of experience and skills and it will still produce the same results for them. According to various statements published on their website, the software makes the work of traders easier by looking for digital currency related news on the internet and then analysing it to produce reliable signals.

Furthermore, they have a team on the standby which scrutinize the news reports and use their expertise the filter the news. The algorithms that have been incorporated into the system allow for timely predictions as well as timely delivery of the signals to traders.


XBT News Trader sounds like a great opportunity for traders because it allegedly helps them save time in analysing vast amounts of news articles. But, the problem is that there is more to this than meets the eye.

This is not the kind of trading solution that you would like to get involved in and we have a good reason for this. So far, there are no reports of success related to using this tool. The reports that have come in are negative and are indicative of it being a scam.

What is XBT News Trader Designed To Do?

XBT News Trader is run by a group of people and their only intention is to steal funds from innocent traders. The only purpose of this software is to connect traders to corrupt brokers. These unethical and unscrupulous brokers require a deposit of $250 and if you make this deposit, they will refuse any kind of refund or withdrawal in the event the software fails to deliver on its promise.

There is nothing much you can expect from this system because it is only designed to trick you. Scammers use bold claims and promises as proven tricks to make a slit in your pocket. Such systems don’t work at all. They are not powered by algorithms or advanced technologies. Instead, they randomize signals and make you execute bad trades so they can get their dirty hands on your hard earned investment funds.

Interesting Fact:

The price of digital currencies can be affected by many factors. These can include influencer tweets, news announcements as well as global macro trends. Some factors may not seem related, but they can affect the price greatly. Sadly, trading systems are not well equipped to take into account these variables which makes it impossible for them to consider every scenario and make predictions. When keywords are used as indicators, they can be misleading and the overall analysis can take opposite directions. Therefore, trading systems that are programmed to analyse news cannot be relied on.

XBT News Trader Is Not a Worthy Solution

Obtaining a license for this software is free which doesn’t make sense at all. But as you proceed with the next step, you will be asked to deposit funds in your account. You will be assigned a broker that you will have to complete registration with. Plus, you have to meet the broker’s minimum deposit requirement of $250. This is absurd because neither the broker is trustworthy, nor the program is capable of helping you execute winning trades. Spending this amount on a solution like XBT News Trader is just a wasteful decision because you are never going to get anything out of it.

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Is XBT News Trader a rebranded scam? It surely is because its original version was released in 2017 and after massive complaints were launched about it, it was blacklisted and removed. Now, in 2018, the same scam has been relaunched under a different name. You can get proof of it being a duplicate by visiting their website. In some places, they have mentioned the previous name of the software instead of the new one which proves that it is unworthy and unreliable. The people operating behind the software have tried their best to act clever, but they have certainly left behind traces of their ill intent based on which we can declare them as illegal and fraudulent.

Our Verdict

Traders who are looking to seriously generate solid returns from their investments should search for reliable trading systems.

XBT News Trader is definitely not the right option and traders should take measures to stay clear of it. We don’t recommend this solution at all.

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