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Is Trade Center Pro a Scam?

Online investments in stocks and shares are very popular these days. They have become assets that have the potential to generate massive returns. But what about TradeCenter Pro? Is this system which claims to be an easy to use software for investing in stocks and shares legit?

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

Anyone who has a bit of common sense will be able to see that Trade Center Pro is a scam. In this review, we will provide details about why we are comfortable with making such an accusation.

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What is TradeCenter Pro?

Launched as a stock trading software, it claims to deliver positive results and incredible returns on investments.

If you visit their website, you will find a sign up form that you are required to fill if you want to get access to the software. After filling this form, you will be redirected to the member’s area where you will be assigned a broker that you will partner with when trading online assets.

The broker will require you to put at least $250 into your account as an initial investment. Once you do this, the software will make analyzing by itself and you will be sent signals. Based on them you will be able to make investment decisions and manage your investments and your trading portfolio.

A normal trader will expect online investments to be lucrative and rewarding. Generally, he will expect returns on the investments made by the software. But this is not the case with TradeCenter Pro. This software doesn’t operate like a regular investment tool. It has very limited features and potential to produce good results. Mostly, it generates bad signals, resulting in significant losses for its users.

Interesting Fact:

Stocks and shares are generating more and more interest from global investors. It has been so for a long time and it will continue to be relevant. Especially in a dynamic environment as online trading.

How Does TradeCenter Pro Work?

Investments in stocks and shares are done in a way that has been long known to the global community. The industry is immensely popular and thousands of people, even those with limited experience, join it thanks to solutions for trading. But you need the right solution and this one is not it.

We expected the developers of TradeCenter Pro to provide some details about how it functions to generate such vast revenue for its users. They have only stated that this is an online software that assists in investing in stock and shares when the time is right resulting in significant gains. But details, logical reasoning, explanation and the trading strategies used hasn’t been mentioned.

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We are also not sure about the algorithms and indicators used by the software for producing signals.

Making claims that TradeCenter Pro is suitable for beginners and experienced traders isn’t enough. We believe that this could be an extremely easy to use system which executes trades using its assistance features, but there is no guarantee that it makes good predictions and actually help the users to generate returns.

Our research shows that the software doesn’t offer winning trades which means that it simply doesn’t work the way it’s trying to make people believe it does.

TradeCenter Pro is a Scam: Here are the Reasons

After conducting a lot of research, we noticed that the signs aren’t positive at all. There is no mention of the creator of the system or its owning company.

There are reviews on the website, but they look heavily fabricated. One thing we ask ourselves is “if the reviews are real, why aren’t they published anywhere else on the internet?”

So after digging a little deeper, we found that the reviews have been written by people who don’t really exist. These so-called traders are just faces taken off royalty-free image websites. Basically, the people behind this software have stolen stock images and given them random names to make them look like real traders.

When it comes to trading online, having an online software isn’t enough. You also need a reliable broker who is transparent and processes withdrawals swiftly and smoothly. In the case of Trade Center Pro, none of the brokers are licensed or regulated. They are there just to rip you off.


You will be risking your funds if you decide to sign up for Trade Center Pro. The software doesn’t have a real team or person behind it which increases our suspicions further.

In addition, a number of complaints and issues have also started to appear on forums which indicates that Trade Center Pro isn’t a working software, buy a malicious app that tricks traders and steals their investment.

Final Thoughts

In order to protect your finances, you will have to stay far away from this scam. Trade Center Pro is undoubtedly a bogus trading software that will connect you with shady brokers. We don’t advise you to invest your funds with this software. Instead, you can read reviews and opt for a more reliable and trusted option.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed review on this Trade Center Pro system. It definitely looks suspicious so I would never sign up for it. I hope other traders read this review, too.

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