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Is Profits Every Day a Scam?

Richard Banks just introduced his investment solution called Profits Every Day. It provides access to the online trading world and promises ease-of-use and reliability.

But these are the exact promises 90% of the systems out there make. And eventually, most get exposed as scam. This is where we come in. Our investigative hub conducted an in-depth research into this new investment platform. Our results are negative and we are ready to blacklist the Profits Every Day system as a scam.

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

The software, despite the flashy promotion and huge claims, is not reliable at all. The following review encompasses everything you should look out for so that you do not risk your capital with it. Our expert advice for you is to either Proceed to Safety or Choose one of the Approved Robots from the table below.

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First Impression of the System

On the outside, the Profits Every Day scam looks like a lucrative opportunity. This is the effort creators of fraudulent systems make to make you believe their tool is the right one for you.

The problems with this software begin quickly, with the identity of its creator. Richard Banks is a completely unknown person in the world of online investments. Our experience has taught us that such people are usually fake. Their profiles are devised for the purposes of promoting fraudulent systems. This one makes no difference. And if they have not been transparent about the identity of the creators, there is very little to be trusted about this stock trading platform.

The Importance of Transparency

If your partner in online investments is not reliable and you cannot trust them, it is not worth joining them. Always make sure your trading tool has a verifiable background and the identity of the creators can be confirmed. An example of such a reliable investment platform is the QProfit System by the infamous Jerry Douglas. We recommend it as a much better alternative to this one.

Authenticity of Operations or Not?

In fact, there is not much known about this system. The Profits Every Day scam is said to search the markets and make analyses. This is to be expected but there are two problems with the claim:

  1. It is unclear what is the technology that makes the system run. People cannot rely on useful and authentic trading assistance since the origins of the software cannot be confirmed;
  2. Its accuracy rate cannot be confirmed. The system claims a high accuracy and significant returns on investments, but there is no viable proof to confirm that.

These two factors should be reason enough to make you reconsider joining the software. If you fall for the promised profitability without investigating the authenticity of the claims, you will be disappointed. Especially since there is no clear information and explanation on how they managed to optimize their system to be as profitable as they claim.


Conclusive Evidence That the System is a Scam

There are several factors why you should not trust anything about this software. One look is enough to conclude that Profits Every Day is a scam investment platform. We have summarized what you have to be careful about:

  • The legitimacy of the creators – it is unclear who has developed this system, there is no transparency or anything genuine for that matter about the stock investment tool. They have hidden their identities behind a fake persona and this is a clear sign of misconduct.
  • The authenticity of the results – the profitability of the software cannot be verified. All of the provided evidence and testimonials have been made using paid actors and stock photos. In other words, they have no viable proof to provide in order to convince us of the reliability of the Profits Every Day scam.
  • The security & assistance – the website of the software has not been encrypted. This puts your funds and personal information at risk. In addition to that, when you try to reach the support service, you do not receive adequate or timely help. What this means is that you cannot trust this software for a safe experience.

Final Warning Against the System

If you have read our review, you have noticed all the red flags about the software. We based it on the investigation we conducted for the Profits Every Day scam dispute. It is clear as day that this is a software you should avoid.

In case you decide to invest the required minimum of $250, keep in mind that you might lose them all. Our professional advice is that you find a properly working system instead, one that has been verified as safe.

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