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Is Postero a Scam?

Postero is a new trading system that can allegedly help you generate over $1300 in returns every single day. The software has been designed for the digital currency markets and it claims to offer 98% accurate signals to its users.

But when we performed an analysis, we found that none of their claims are true. The software isn’t as precise as it has been advertised.

We have written this review to warn you about the dangers of joining Postero. The software has become viral over the internet and we believe that many new and unsuspecting traders will fall into their trap. So just to alert everyone, we have decided to highlight the disturbing facts about the software.

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Postero is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe trading applications:

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Postero at a Quick Glance

So according to Robert Beal who claims to be the CEO of Postero, he has incorporated Artificial Intelligence into his trading robot. The algorithms which are based on AI scans the digital currency markets including news sources like Twitter and Reddit to determine the changes in prices of digital assets.

As a trader, you don’t need to have any experience or knowledge of trading. The software will provide the assistance you need from the beginning to the end. Working with a software that guarantees 98% success can be the best experience of anyone’s life. It can be the best thing for anyone. But it is sad that such things happen in the dream world only and not in the real world.

We can confirm that Postero doesn’t have such capabilities because as far as its performance is concerned, it falls below the standard this industry expects. Forget 98%, its accuracy is not even 50%.

How It Works?

On their website, the team has stated that they have built a community research analysis (CRA) algorithm which is used to determine price movements and make trade predictions.


They say that when you spend a dollar, you will receive a PTO which stands for a Postero Token. By using the tokens you receive, you will be able to trade on digital currency exchanges such as EtherDelta. So what they want you to do is invest funds with them in exchange for PTO. The minimum you can invest is $250 which will buy you 250 Postero Tokens.

But the problem with their concept is that PTO is not a legitimate token. It is not being used by any exchanges and it doesn’t exist outside the Postero website.

We did a massive amount of research into this matter and the only thing we can conclude is that once you fund your account, you will be left with some unusable tokens. No exchange will allow you to use the tokens you have to trade digital currencies. Postero has laid out a clever trap to attract investors and by offering their trading system for free, they are sure to fool many people.

This review should serve as a warning that Postero isn’t the right trading partner for you. They will simply take your funds and connect you with bogus brokers who will steal more from you.

Postero Is a Confirmed Scam

Their tokens aren’t real because the company running this operation isn’t real as well. The guy named Robert Beal is a liar and in fact he has supported many other scams in the past. This guy works as an actor who takes a payment for doing small roles in promo videos. He also sells testimonials. Basically, he can be hired to do any task, be it video presentation, testimonial or promoting bogus products.

You will not find any information about their company and where they are based. They have chosen to remain in darkness so they can continue their game with as many traders as they can. You will also notice that they don’t run a licensed company. They operate illegally and unethically.

We noticed that they offer demo functions. But when we did a research, we found their demo functionalities to be rigged, meaning that you can score very highly when trading in the simulated environment and equally opposite when you enter the real trading world. Their demo account doesn’t give an accurate picture of how successful your trades will be when you start trading live. It is a trick they are using to entice you into depositing more funds with them.

Now talking about the funds, you will never be able to withdraw anything because the broker will not let you do so. They will convert your funds into tokens which you will neither be able to use, nor withdraw. We have seen many complaints regarding this matter on the basis of which we can confirm that Postero is only after your investment capital.

The Bottom Line

The only intention of Postero is to get you to register with an unregulated shady broker. the people who are operating this scam have already victimized numerous traders and this is the reason we urge you to stay away from them.

We encourage you to use a proven system if you are serious about investing in digital currencies. This way you will be able to keep yourself safe from crooks who are only after you for your deposit.

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