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Is OlympBot a Scam?

OlympBot is one of the latest released trading platforms featured on the online investment scene. Given that, people have been asking the question whether it can be trusted or not?

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

Our information so far is insufficient to confirm the reliability of the trading platform. There is high chance that the system is not authentic and our team urges you to consider different alternatives. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose on the Is-Scam’s proven-to-work and recommended investment applications:

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OlympBot Overview

Olymp Bot is a product for online investments in stocks and for lifestyle enhancement for traders, that has been developed and introduced by a broker named Olymp Trade. It has been established in 2014 and it is a Russian provider that has a unclear ownership and background.

It has been only recently, that the platform has started to accept international investors. So far, it has been tailor-made to cater to the needs of Russian traders only. That is why it is unclear if the services provided to global traders will answer international requirements.

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To see if the robot can answer your needs, read the review through to the end. Our team did not find anything of merit and is of the strong opinion that there are definitely better investment systems you can sign up for in order to trade online.

Background Details of Olymp Trade Bot

The team that created the broker platform has made sure that it fully assist the trading processes carried out by the trader. Our investigation has led us to the claim that the program can utilize complex investment strategies that can enhance the outcome of your trades. But the providers fail to provide a clear explanation how this trading platform works and what are these strategies.

This is one of the signs you should be careful about. If the information provided is insufficient this is probably a scam platform that does not have anything authentic to share or offer. You should consider a different lifestyle improving app.

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When it comes to online investments in stocks and shares, there are some established leaders in the field of technologies. Our current top recommendation for you would be the QProfit System for online trading, instead of this robot.

Is Olymp Bot a Scam?

Given the current state of the robot, the situation does not allow us to claim with 100% certainty that the Olymp Trade Robot platform is a scam. From our initial investigation, it becomes clear that there are still many things to be desired about the software.

First among our reasons to treat it with suspicion is the scarce information available. Both on who are the creators of the platform and its operational processes. If we cannot confirm how a given robot works and if its background is authentic, we usually discover that the assistance feature works on a random principle and is not suitable for your stock investments.

Another thing that made us doubt the integrity of the trading system, are the two types of platforms you can download. The free version of the software that is heavily promoted is actually a demo platform. Meaning, you are not going to use real funds to trade and the results you get are also not going to be real.

To acquire the real-live trading account, you need to make a cash deposit of $40. It is unclear if this is just a minimum requirement for a starting investment or a payment that is gathered by the broker in order to allow you on the trading platform.


When we combined all of these factors, we reached the conclusion that the OlympBot is a potential scam that should be avoided. We were unable to find stock investors who share a positive experience with the software or the services provided by the parent broker. That is why we advise you to proceed with caution.

Final Thoughts on the Bot

The Olymp Bot is a scam shady trading investment system developed by Olymp Trade – a broker that is the only counterpart you will be integrated with upon signing up. This is an additional cause for concern, apart from the fact that the software itself has not been proven to work.

The best investment platforms give you access to a wider selection of brokers so that your experience is safe and smooth. This is not the case here. We are not impressed with what the OlympBot has to offer and doubt the authenticity of many things promoted by its owners. Proceed to a better alternative instead.

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