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Is OC Software a Scam?

The OC Software came into the market recently and it has already caused some major damage for its users.

Over the past couple of weeks, we received numerous requests from online traders to provide a detailed assessment of OC Software. Our investigation is now complete and we feel that it is necessary to make our readers aware of the dangers of using it.

OC Software is indeed a scam and it has the potential to steal from its users. Let’s take a detailed look into how it works to scam the public.

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What is OC Software?

Anyone who has been involved in the online trading industry for some time will be able to figure out that OC Software is a scam. It is not a reputable or viable investment solution because it is operated by thieves. A software by the name of Orion Code was launched a couple of years ago. It entered the market like an average trading system, but soon started gaining massive attention because of how it worked to deliver results.

Orion Code wasn’t an ordinary trading tool. It incorporated advanced technology and algorithms that made it powerful and efficient. Moreover, it worked so regular traders could generate stable returns from their investments. It was an excellent solution and it still exists today to help traders achieve their investment goals.

The people running OC Software have stolen the promo video of Orion Code and featured it on their website. Neither the video is original, nor Edward Robinson is the creator of OC Software. The crooks have stolen some of the main elements of a legit software to make their bogus creation look genuine.

OC Software is an anonymous trading system which is malicious and potentially dangerous to use.


How Does OC Software Work?

It employs the same modus operandi as most of the other fraudulent trading apps. When someone signs up for the software hoping to benefit from it, they are forced to register with an unregulated broker.

The broker demands a deposit of $250 which traders have to put into their trading accounts. Next, they are left to deal with a non-working software that sends random signals only.

Using OC Software to trade is certainly not a good idea because it is a ridiculous app which is meant to make its users lose their investment capital.

How to Join?

While we don’t encourage our readers to join this app, here’s information on what its sign up process involves.

  1. Complete the form that is available on OC Software’s homepage
  2. Register with a broker that is assigned and make a deposit of at least $250
  3. Activate the software and make investments based on the alerts sent

We would like to emphasize it once again that OC Software doesn’t work to assist traders. It has been designed to steal from its users by making them execute losing trades one after the other until their trading account gets depleted.

OC Software: Lucrative Venture or a Fraud?

First of all, let’s take a look at who Edward Robinson is. As soon as the promo video starts, you will see a guy who claims to be the owner of this trading system. He owns a private jet, lives in a mansion and enjoys a luxurious life, gets featured in popular magazines such as Forbes and much more. So is this really true?

Yes, it is because Edward Robinson is not only a successful investor, but a philanthropist as well who is well known in the trading industry. He is a wealthy guy who aims to help others and this is the reason he has decided to give away his trading system for free. But, he is not the creator of OC Software. It is important for our readers to understand that the Orion Code and OC Software are not the same. The OC Software is an anonymous creation and therefore it is dangerous and harmful.

Another thing that we noticed about this fraudulent system is that the winners and traders featured towards the bottom of their website are phony. These people claim how they made it big as a result of using the OC Software. But, there is no evidence available which can prove that they are real. In fact, the chances are very high that they have nothing to do with this software and that they have never used or even heard about it.

The random screenshots of faces combined with some fake names doesn’t help OC Software gain any credibility at all. A number of testimonials from Facebook and Twitter have also been published on their website. These are fake because neither those profiles can be found on the social media platforms, nor those testimonials. The people operating OC Software are extremely clever and they have used false claims and lies to entice innocent traders and steal from them.


We don’t want our readers to be fooled by the promo video of OC Software because it has been stolen for the purpose of scamming unsuspecting traders. There is nothing genuine about this trading system and our only advice for traders is to stay away from it.

The original Orion Code is a better alternative because it is proven to be safe and it works to address traders’ investment needs.

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