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Is Kiwi Method a Scam?

The Kiwi Method System is a stock trading solution which was allegedly established by Jake Mason – a man with supposed simple beginnings but a strong investment flair. He claims to have accidentally come across an online investment solution that operated properly and this is what prompted him to gather a team of professionals and design one on his own.

Our investigation did not manage to confirm that any of the above-stated information is true. In fact, our research concluded that the founder is a non-existing person. He is nothing more than a scammer who is looking for a quick way to get his hands on the initial deposits of unsuspecting users and then disappear into oblivion.

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

There is serious evidence that the investment solution does not even trade on the actual stocks and bonds market. The user results it displays are just randomly-generated by the lifestyle-changing app’s algorithm numbers that have nothing to do with reality. It is best not to register with the trading solution at all.

Digital investors better view the stock trading app as a verified scam. They will be better off if they decide to either Proceed to Safety OR Pick an Authentic Software from the following table. Trading with the present one is considered highly risky.

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The Truth About Jake Mason

Jake Mason may seem like a likable creator persona but the truth is that he is nothing more than a cleverly-written fictional person. The main purpose of his character is to serve as a plausible founder of a trading solution and to make people deposit. This means that anyone should trust a word that is stated on the official website or the promotional video.

His biography states that he is a simple man who comes from a modest family background. His relatives did not have enough funds to support him through college and this is why he had to quit before earning a degree and get a job. Years later, when it was finally time for him to start up a family of his own, he supposedly started trying different kinds of online trading solutions.

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The story goes that most of them turned out to be scams. So he decided to gather some of his friends who were expert programmers and design a high-quality investment solution. But none of this information is actually true. Jake Mason does not exist in real life.

Our best suggestion to digital users is to opt for a truly legit lifestyle-improving app like the QProfit System. It generates consistent daily results and is known to have many unique features that come in handy. Clients have issued nothing but positive feedback and reviews about it.

Did You Know?

Official statistics show that traders who have a wider friends circle tend to generate better overall results, especially, after an important event has hit the global news. This indicates that investors share information with one another quite often.

Simple Algo-Trading Computer Codes

The Kiwi Method System is stated to have a powering algorithm which allows it to help people change their lifestyle for the better. This may sound attractive to clients at first but they should now that the investment software does not operate according to any sophisticated technological or financial principle. It can be defined as being inefficient and basic Algo-trading.

Dubious Lifestyle-Changing App!

The Kiwi Method System is most likely a scam trading solutions. It does not have any unique special features which could be of service to people who are trying to alter their daily living for the better. The customer care is also not around-the-clock as is promised in the promotional video.


Genuine client testimonials have confirmed that the service team is rude and does not have the ability and the necessary training to respond in a professional and competent way. The biggest disappointment is that the lifestyle-changing app does not generate the promised daily results. We cannot recommend it as a viable and authentic choice.

Fabricated Testimonials & Stock Images!

The ad clip of this digital stock trading solution is comprised solely out of testimonial videos of people who speak about how the bonds investment software improved their life. But our research into the matter revealed that they are nothing more than amateur actors. They say what they are paid for. The same is valid for the supposed live feed trading results.

The Kiwi Method System – A Digital Scam to Avoid!

The Kiwi Method System is nothing more than a lousy scam. It has fooled thousands of users into getting started with it. All of them have had a disappointing experience. The stock trading software offers nothing unique and it is best for virtual clients to avoid it. There are lifestyle-improving apps with a far better daily performance ratio.

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  1. This trading app is the worst! I have never been so disappointed in my life. It not only cost me my entire deposit but it also tricked me into encouraging some friends into signing up. Everybody should stay away from the Kiwi Method!

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