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Is Infinity App a Scam?

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Infinity App System is a robot that operates in the stock trading market. It was designed and released by Mark Stevenson – the effective CEO and main Chairman of the company behind the investment software – Infinity App Enterprises. The man claims to have worked for a company as a software engineer but this data is not verifiable.

This leads to the conclusion that it is entirely fictional. It is unbelievable that an organization, such as the company he worked for, would let anyone take information from it without undertaking subsequent legal proceedings. Therefore the story was probably made-up in order to draw in inexperienced traders.

The trading solution has been around for about two years now and it has managed to scam tens of thousands of online users. Unfortunately, many have complained that the robot does not manage to give in authentic daily prognosis and results based on it.

This is why we advise everyone to regard it as a possible scam. There is no point in getting started with the stock trading system as it will only accumulate losses. Users will be better off if they Proceed to Safety OR Choose One from the following table.

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$250 Visit Site
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$250 Visit Site
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Mark Stevenson & His Alleged Career

The first thing that strikes as dubious about Stevenson’s claims to have been employed by the space agency is the statement that his salary was insufficient. Above all, scientists and engineers who work for this company have been infamous for their sky-high and nearly cosmic salaries. This is why most of them spent their entire lives in the organization.

Mark further clarifies in the promotional video that he decided to take the knowledge and data he acquired at the organization and begin work on a financial software in his free time. The claim implies that he has potentially taken unauthorized information from a government facility.

But the reality is much different. Our investigation proves that the man who is presented as Stevenson in the advertising clip is nothing more than a paid actor. The story he tells has nothing to do with the truth.

It is best for digital investors to get started with a truly authentic and reliable trading solution. A good opportunity for most would be the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. Its foundational principles are derived from quantum mechanics and big data investments. The daily accuracy rate is good and the results are consistent.

Did You Know?

Infinity App System is in the alleged possession of many unique features. A closer examination of the stock trading robot reveals that it has only one – the so-called ‘Booster’. Users who switch it on expect that all of their investments will be re-invested into a trade which was predicted to surely have a positive outcome. But clients complain that they were never able to withdraw their results.

Testimonials Consist Only of Stock Photos

The promotional video and official website of this digital trading robot show tens of satisfied users. There are also live feeds of their supposed results. However, the reality is that most of these images were either taken from stock image websites or stolen from social media profiles. All of the people presented as clients whose lives were changed by the robot are freelance actors who were paid to do this.

The Endless Scam – Avoid to Infinity!

Nobody knows how this digital scam has managed to survive so long in the digital space. Users should try to stay constantly alert of such fraudulent pieces of investment software as they will do nothing else than do serious damage to one’s investment portfolio. It does not even offer anything impressive in the form of special features, tools or services.

Not only this but the Infinity App System requires additional downloading. It does not function properly on every device and browser type. There are ongoing problems with the investment procedures. Many users have not managed to get a hold of them.


Unregulated & Partners with Sham Investment Platforms

Infinity App System by Mark Stevenson does not have any stamps-of-approval issued by regulatory authorities or bodies. It is not monitored by any official organization and does not comply with the strictest 256-bit encryption protocols. We have managed to determine that it has established ties to some rather devious trading brokers and platforms.

Last Judgment – Don’t Trust It!

Infinity App System is not a reliable and authentic trading application. It is a devious scam that has dubious origins. It was most likely established by a group of online swindlers whose only purpose is to get client investments before disappearing into the vast spaces of the Internet. In conclusion, one should do one’s best to avoid it as there are much better stock trading applications out there!


  1. Blah, this stock trading app will do nothing else than lose one’s deposits. There is nothing authentic about it. A friend of mine got started with it and in the beginning, everything was ok. But several months passed and he had accumulated a good amount. He tried to withdraw it but the sum never arrived. The people behind Infinity App System are just scammers who will scam users to infinity if it is necessary.

  2. This stocks and bonds trading solution has a MEH performance. You’d be better off investing with a donkey!

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