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Is Gemini Software System a Scam?

Gemini Software System is a new trading application for online investing. But does this robot deliver satisfying results or is Gemini Software System a Scam?

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Gemini Software System is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe trading applications:

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Gemini Software System – An Honest Scam Review

Gemini Software System is the next boring and average online trading solution that was recently presented on the market. In fact, this is not entirely true, as this product is actually an old scam that is now offered as a new trading application. Allegedly, the man who created the online investment platform is called Brandon Lewis and you can see him when playing the promo video of the software.

Normally, it is said that this system can deliver incredible results, however, this is not likely to be true as every single scam solution promises the same. Sadly, most of the available platforms are completely unreliable, so you should be very careful when considering a particular product.

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Just take a look at the official website of the system. It is unprofessionally made and you are obliged to place your email address to get access to the robot’s presentation. This is very disturbing and we would like to warn all our readers about this aggressive strategy, used by the anonymous team behind this scam.

Read the following scam review to get all the details we managed to reveal. The article will explain to you why you should not deal with this trading solution.

An Interesting Fact!

Since the great boom in the financial markets, most of the traders are now dealing with online trading solutions as currently, this is the most successful sector of the trading business. Still, the Gemini Software System has nothing to do with stock trading, despite the fact that it is presented as a new product. This only proves our statement that the robot is an old scam that was just re-launched recently.

Who is Brandon Lewis?

As we already mentioned, if you watch the promotional video of the trading system, you will see that its alleged creator is called Brandon Lewis. He presents himself as a former Silicon Valley employee who worked on a secret and very important project. It was supposedly called “The Alpha Code” and the main task of Mr. Lewis was to predict how much the search volume for a specific keyword on the search engine would be. So Brandon Lewis put all his experience, knowledge and skills into developing the perfect data-processing algorithm.

A few years later, the man supposedly applied his invention to create a powerful trading system. As you can imagine this whole story is fabricated. Even the man you saw in the video was just a paid actor presenting to be the creator of this scam trading robot.

Is Gemini Software System a Scam or Not?

We gathered and analyzed as much reliable and authentic info as possible, therefore, we can confidently issue a 100% negative final verdict on the Gemini Software System. It is a scam that can only make its users lose all their invested funds. This is why we suggest that you should stay away from it.


If you browse the web, you will see that all the available testimonials from current and former users of the software are negative. Not to mention the other reviews we found on the Internet. Even the customer support service of the platform is not properly working. Actually, we start to believe that the whole robot is just an empty website that is only there to collect investments.

If you want to deal with a proven and solid online investment solution, we recommend the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas.

Final Verdict

Gemini Software System is an old scam trading solution that was recently re-launched with the idea of making regular people sign up for it. Thankfully, we found about this on time, so now you are warned about this stock trading application. It should be avoided at any cost as nothing about it is real and authentic. Proceed to safety and make sure to only opt for proven, legit, and advanced online investment platforms. This is the only thing that could help you achieve success in the online trading business.

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