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Is Financial Sentiment a Scam?

Financial Sentiment is a new investment initiative offering assistance when trading different digital assets. It was just presented to the online trading community by supposed investor Noah Levy who interviewed the supposed creator Daniel Wakanabi. Wakanabi is CEO and founder of the initiative.

We are well aware of the fact that there are hundreds of investment opportunities online because of the popularity of this practice to invest with assistance. But the problems with such platforms is that most turn out to be scam. We had the feeling this might be the case with the Financial Sentiment initiative and its StockBit software. That is why we made a thorough research.

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

Our initial results show conclusively that this software is not reliable. We investigated further in order to confirm that and it is clear as day. The Financial Sentiment and the StockBit software are scam and you should be very careful with them.

In the review below, you can find more details about why this platform is problematic. It is best to avoid it. If you still have a strong interest in trading online with a better alternative, we suggest that you Proceed to Safety or Consider a Better Alternative from the table below.

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Daniel Wakanabi – A Well-Known Figure

The creator of the software is a well-known personality but not because he truly is who they claim he is in the promotional video. It is because it is the same creator of an old scam that was also named StockBit. Its story was exactly the same as this one, the video has not been changed in the slightest.

In other words, the Financial Sentiment investment platform is just an additional name to an old scam. If you listen closely, you will hear that they call the creator Watanabi while on the website he has been presented as Wakanabi. Our team is convinced that they have done just a lazy, sloppy job in developing the promotion of the scam software.


In our opinion, this alone is a reason enough to avoid the investment platform. But if the scam origins of the online trading software are not enough for you to reconsider joining, we have compiled some additional information.

Operations & Promises of Financial Sentiment

The scammers behind this platform rely on promises to attract clients and partners but these are all empty. Users are promised to generate between $700 and $900 in profits daily. These are the same claims made by the old scam.

And there is not a shred of information how these results are generated. In reality, the accuracy rate of the Financial Sentiment platform has been proven to be very low. This is not surprising since it is unclear how the software works. Experience has shown that scam systems like that offering assistance to traders online usually generate random numbers because they are not sophisticated software solutions.

Better Alternatives

Instead of joining a software that has not been proven to work and has a dubious background, you should consider something authentic. We have investigated a significant number of investment systems and among the best ones is the QProfit System for online trading.

How Is the Financial Sentiment Scam Dangerous?

Scammer across the industry apply the same tricks in order to lure people into a sign-up. First, you are promised significant and constant results. Then you are told that you have to hurry up and sign up while there are still free spots. Otherwise, you will have to pay an unimaginable amount of money in order to gain a license.

>> Proceed To Trusted Robot < <

The reality is that these are all pressure tactics. They aim to rush you into a sign-up and make you deposit the required $250 before you think twice. That is why we always make sure to inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of systems like that so that you can have all the available information and some additional insights.

The Financial Sentiment is a scam just like the StockBit old scam trading app they support. Its operational methods have not been explained and the background of Daniel Wakanabi cannot be confirmed because such a person does not exist. Believing what you are told from the promotional materials will lead to significant damage for your personal finances.

Final Thoughts

It is unwise to make a deposit of $250 into this new investment platform. Mainly because Financial Sentiment and its software are not new. They are an old scam presented with the promotional materials of this same scam. Our investigation has reached the indisputable conclusion that it is not safe to trade with this tool and it will in no way assist you in improving your lifestyle through trading.

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