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Is Digital PayDay a Scam?

Digital Payday is the latest online income-generating opportunity you can take advantage of. It has been released just recently, introduced by creator Daniel Bluth, and people have turned their sights on it because of the new angle it offers. The thing is, in such cases is it safe to rush and sign up just to join the industry with a new tool, or is it better to wait out on the reviews?

Our team is of the opinion that it is always better to wait a little bit. That’s because we investigators get the chance to research carefully and inform you thoroughly whether or not a system is legitimate.

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

The case with the Digital Payday scam question is quite contradictory. We finished our investigation and we can say that there is no real potential to it. If you hope to generate additional income using this method, it is quite possible you will face disappointment.

The detailed review below paints a full picture of the system. For now, we will blacklist this new online income-generating system. If you are still ready to proceed with exploiting the opportunities of the digital world, we can recommend you to Proceed to Safety  with a top robot or to Choose an Authentic System from the table below.

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How Does this Payday is Going to Go?

According to the short promotional video of the new system, this product has nothing to do with online trading and investments. Daniel Bluth claims he has refrained from developing something already obsolete and has rather gained from the experience of giants like Google and Facebook.

What this system is all about are digital ads. If we are to believe the claims, ads are supposed to be the singles most efficient, stable, and easy method of generating online income. But the supposed creator misses out something very important.

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To profit from online advertising, you need to invest both time and resources so that your ads can be seen and utilized. Of course, the Digital Payday system is said to connect its users to a little-known website that can optimize the entire process so that you won’t need knowledge and experience. Once you sign up and join the system, you will supposedly be able to choose from banners of popular companies. Through these banners and with the help of the website, income will be generated for your benefit.


We have found enough evidence provided below and we strongly advise you not to believe the claims made by the voice actor posing as Daniel Bluth. This is not a proven-to-work digital solution for income generating. We advise you to consider systems that have verified qualities, operational process, and profits. Our top recommendation for a better alternative would be the QProfit System.

Terms & Conditions of Using Digital Payday

This is something that greatly bothered us. Even though the system for supposed digital advertising has been heavily promoted, there are no clear terms by which you can join.

Pressure Tactics:

Visitors of the website are told that only 50 people will be accepted. This is a simple pressure tactic to force you into a rushed sign-up without thinking twice. Your personal information will be taken and you will be bothered by phone to give money to the platform. That is why many more people will be accepted. Don’t believe this claim and think carefully before proceeding further.

In addition to the underhanded tactics applied, people have no idea how much it will cost them to use the promoted facilities. You might be in for a surprise. This is also a clear sign that there are serious problems when it comes to transparency and ethical conduct on part of this system.

Why Is Digital Payday Just Another Scam?

The answer to that question is simple. And honestly, our team was shocked by the nerve with which the scammers behind the system have lied to potential users. Bluth claims his program has nothing to do with digital trading, online investment, and asset portfolios. But when you land on the website and turn to the Risk Warning provided, you will notice that this is all this system is about.

In the course of our investigation, the Digital Payday scam showed signs that it is actually a non-working online trading software like the well-known platforms operating in the industry. Judging by their Risk Disclaimer, it is either that and visitors have been lied to, or it isn’t and the scammers behind it have rehashed an old scam idea, forgetting to clear its problems.


Either way, this is a clear sign that this software is not a partner you can safely rely on. We strongly advise you to find a better investment solution.

Final Warning

The Digital Payday is a scam online income-generating system that cannot help you to enhance your profits, optimize your investments and become better off in terms of your financial state. On the contrary, our team has deemed it quite possible that if you proceed with it, you will not receive what you are promised.

Everything shows that supposed Daniel Bluth has lied through his teeth in order to promote a fake product. We advise you to proceed with caution or even better – opt for another system, that has been tested and approved.

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