Is CryptoBanc a Scam?

Crypto Banc System, which is also known under the name of Crypto Online News Software, is one of the newly-launched crypto robots. There is close to no information available about it as it is new on the Altcoin market.

Initial user testimonials and trading reviews state that its performance is pretty poor. Most of the people who have engaged in online investment with the CFD solution did not manage to accumulate any kind of positive daily results. There are also ongoing problems with the deposit and withdrawal procedure.

People have not only not been able to withdraw their scarce earnings but the CFD trading software often does not even register their starting investments. It has accumulated sufficient losses to an increased number of clients.

Our best advice is for traders to avoid its offered services at all possible costs. Time will show whether it is truly a scam but all indications point to this direction for the time being. Users can choose whether they wish to Proceed to Safety OR Pick a Reliable Software from the table below.

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CFD Trading Robot Presented As a News Website

The main purpose of this CFD trading system’s existence is to lure unsuspecting users and get them to sign up. It operates according to a basic algorithm. Another way to define it is a gateway software for an unreliable, unregulated, and determined to be a scam crypto broker platform.

Users can immediately notice this once they go to the landing page of the crypto trading solution. There are only random news clippings of famous investors and entrepreneurs who speak about the importance of cryptocurrencies. There is absolutely no information regarding the founder or group of such.

Some people might easily be persuaded to sign-up as the registration form is presented as a newsletter subscription form. There is no Step 2. They will immediately get transferred to the CFD trading broker platform and will be urged to make an investment.

Interesting Fact:

There is still no official regulatory body that is responsible for the crypto mining and scrypt mining platforms. But there is a special Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, Canada. It was installed shortly after the Bitcoin value reached sky-high levels in mid-2017. The device is still there and is a local attraction.

Creator Never to Be Identified

We have mentioned many times that one of the very first indications that a given CFD trading solution is a scam is the lack of a plausible creator figure. There is absolutely no mentioning of him or her on the official website. Users do not know why the cryptocurrency exchange robot was even founded. The web page does also not feature any reliable testimonials or reviews.


Stay Safe From the Cryptocurrency Scam

All the pieces of evidence that we managed to examine suggest that this CFD trading robot is a scam. The official website never addresses the origins of the crypto trading software, nor how exactly does it operate on the cryptocurrency exchange market.

It is only made clear that the CFD trading bot and the crypto broker that it partners with function from the same headquarters. This is also a dubiosity alert. Users should stay wary of both. Crypto Banc System does not offer any unique features. It is only there to try and convince users to invest their savings in it.

Supposed Partnership with Reuters

The news stories and articles which are seen on the landing page of the currency trading solution imply that it has an ongoing partnership with the Reuters news agency. This is not true. Their company logo and name are only used in a vague attempt to make Crypto Online News System appear as legit.

This is further proof that the CFD trading system is not a viable answer to the needs of online investors. No legit Altcoin solution would use the trademark of a world-renown company and information giant like this. It is best to avoid their services at all costs.

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Crypto Banc System Verdict – A Dubious Software!

Crypto Online News System is most likely a scam CFD trading robot. It applies suspicious marketing tactics in order to draw in more unsuspecting and newbie users. There is not a single piece of evidence that can suggest that it is legit.

The crypto trading software does not have any special features or handy tools which could help people achieve better daily investment results. Users should opt for one of the proven to work CFD trading solutions and forget about it.

Final Conclusion

After detailed investigation our team concluded that this Crypto Robot may not be safe.

The lack of enough real and unbiased reviews on the Internet only increases our uncertainty. This auto-trading system has not been able to achieve the profits advertised on their sales page. Unfortunately we cannot confirm that this cryptocurrency robot is decent until traders provide positive feedback.

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