Is Crypto Currency Codex a Scam?

Crypto Currency Codex is a new trading system for online investing. But does this Robot deliver satisfying results or is Crypto Currency Codex a Scam?

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Crypto Currency Codex is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe trading applications:

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Crypto Currency Codex Overview

Crypto Currency Codex System is a cryptocurrency trading robot whose creators remain unknown. The introductory video is narrated by a man called Nate Martin who claims to be the official spokesperson for the company. The second man that is heard is supposedly Pat Kendrick – a retired economist and professional investor who is supposedly the Head of the Crypto Mining Division of the Cryptocurrency Institute.

Our research did not manage to come across any reliable data that such an institution even exists. This is why our best advice to online traders would be to approach the cryptocurrency solution with great caution.

Nate Martin states that the accuracy ratio of the trading tool is extremely high. He even points specific percentages that are way over the top and cannot possibly be realistic by any merits. The investment software is most likely a scam.

What is Cryptocurrency Codex System?

Pat Kendrick states that this crypto mining solution offers risk-free investment operation on the cryptocurrency exchange market. We decided to carry out an exhaustive inquiry into the matter and managed to determine that this is as far from the truth as it gets. Some of the general facts stated about the world’s economy and the role of cryptocurrencies in it are true.

But most of the facts concerning the investment instrument at hand are not. User feedback has been negative and this is also the tone of professional trading reviews. Pat Kendrick is not a prominent former Professor of Finance and Economy at a respected Moscow university. He is just a fabricated persona.


Another thing about the trading solution is that it does not apply the 256-bit encryption protocol. Carry out investment operations via the use of its services should be regarded as highly risky. It is best to get started with a more reliable Forex robot.

A good suggestion would be the QProfit System which was established by Jerry Douglas. It has a stable accuracy rate. Lots of people have achieved good daily results thanks to its services. Its popularity has only been increasing over the last couple of months.

Interesting Fact:

The cryptocurrency exchange market is expanding at a very rapid rate. Users prefer to invest in it because it does not impose any additional taxes. A number of prominent persons, such as Richard Branson (Head of Virgin Atlantic), Bill Gates (Head of Microsoft), Marc Anderssen (Head of Netscape), Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of PayPal), and Marc Cuban have already taken an interest in it.

How Does the Crypto Robot Work?

There is no thorough explanation provided as to how exactly does this crypto mining tool operate. The only thing that is known for sure is that it utilizes some kind of loophole. This is the basis of its programming algorithm.

It is described as an alleged cryptocurrency trading method which utilizes historical regression analysis in order to identify winning trends. The scrypt mining solution does not manage to do so with great success as users are generally dissatisfied with the way it functions.

Is the Crypto Trading System a Scam or Legit?

All available pieces of evidence that we were able to come across and examine thoroughly point out that this is a scam cryptocurrency exchange system. Its accuracy rate is not the one stated in the promotional video. Traders who have had trading accounts with it are very disappointed by their results.

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The personalities of both of the presenters are completely fabricated. The daily earnings are insufficient. There is nothing risk-free about trading with it. There is even some proof that it does not actually operate on the cryptocurrency market.

Our Verdict

Crypto Currency Codex System is not a legit crypto robot. There is nothing reliable about it. It is a full-blown scam and people should stay as far away from it as possible. There are far better options on the Internet. It is not established by experienced investors. There is also no deposit-back policy. Users are generally disappointed by their results.

Final Conclusion

After detailed investigation our team concluded that this Forex Robot may not be safe.

The lack of enough real and unbiased reviews on the Internet only increases our uncertainty. This auto-trading system has not been able to achieve the profits advertised on their sales page. Unfortunately we cannot confirm that this robot is decent until traders provide positive feedback.

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