Is CoinBotLab a Scam?

CoinBotLab has been released as an automated trading app for cryptocurrencies. By using this software, anyone can enter the virtual currency trading markets and generate substantial returns.

But these kinds of trading systems have already created severe problems for traders. They promise to be risk-free, but they expose their users to serious troubles in the name of effortless investment.

To find out the truth about CoinBotLab, we conducted a thorough research and compiled our findings in this comprehensive review. We advise traders to read this unbiased review and make wise decisions when it comes to choosing an automated investment solution.

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What is CoinBotLab?

According to their website, CoinBotLab is a system that utilizes its auto-trading capabilities to generate online revenue for its users.

Basically, the app invests in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. When someone signs up and activates the software, they can expect it to scan the cryptocurrency markets, spot trends and movements in prices and execute financial orders that will result in gains.

But the claims made by the people behind this trading software seem outrageous. The ability of an auto-trading software to generate massive returns is almost impossible. Even if it incorporated the most complex and sophisticated algorithms in the world, it still wouldn’t be capable of producing the kind of results it claims to produce.

Looking at all the fishy things associated with CoinBotLab, we continued our investigation and it wasn’t surprising at all when we found out that this software is just a copy of an old one. Put simply, neither this one nor the old one had the potential to meet the trading needs of its users.

Interesting Fact:

The United States of America, Japan and South Korea are the top three markets in the world for cryptocurrency trading. Experts believe that by the end of 2018, the worldwide digital currency markets will be worth over $1 trillion.

Does CoinBotLab Really Work?

CoinBotLab works more like a random number generator. What this means is that the signals it produces are random and unreliable.

It says that it runs on state-of-the-art algorithm to offer incredible results, but this is not true. The software doesn’t play any part in analysing the cryptocurrency markets or looking for patterns. It doesn’t search for favourable investment opportunities.

Instead, it produces fake signals randomly and trades based on those signals. Since the signals are reliable, the trades result in losses mostly. CoinBotLab only works for its people which includes the brokers it integrates, its creators and affiliate marketers. It doesn’t work for the users who invest funds into it.

Is CoinBotLab A Trustworthy Investment Tool?

Sadly, the CoinBotLab software goes by multiple names. We have blacklisted many of the similar trading systems in the past and we believe that CoinBotLab is just a rebranded version of an old scam.

It is very easy for these crooks to take an old software and give it a different name. They simply change few things around, create a new website and offer it to traders as a profitable investment solution.

Many traders are fooled by the claims and promises they see and end up depositing funds with them. It is important for traders, especially the new ones to become familiar with such scams and avoid them. This is the only way we can prevent them from reappearing on the market under different labels. After analysing the findings of our research, we can confirm that CoinBotLab is an unreliable investment software. It connects its users with unregulated brokers and make them lose their funds.

There are numerous scam elements associated with this trading system. We have seen it time and again that these kinds of systems do not employ any profitable trading strategy, but they generate random signals to cause massive losses for the user.

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It is a losing software that only claims to be free. When it comes to using it, you will be pressured into investing a minimum of $250 with an unscrupulous broker. The funds will disappear as quickly as you added them. In case, you are lucky to generate returns, the broker will make it impossible for you to withdraw the earnings. This is how they team up and work so you never get access to the funds you deposited or earned with them.

Our Verdict

CoinBotLab isn’t really a good investment tool that you can rely on. The software is flawed and is potentially dangerous. The gains are relatively lower than what has been claimed on their website. Scam factors are abundant and it is crucial for traders to exercise caution when exposed to a system like CoinBotLab.

Final Conclusion

After detailed investigation our team concluded that this Crypto Robot may not be safe.

The lack of enough real and unbiased reviews on the Internet only increases our uncertainty. This auto-trading system has not been able to achieve the profits advertised on their sales page. Unfortunately we cannot confirm that this cryptocurrency robot is decent until traders provide positive feedback.

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