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Is Bitcoin Society App a Scam?

Bitcoin Society App is a new trading system for online investing. But does this Robot deliver satisfying results or is Bitcoin Society App a Scam?

Make sure you read this review before you invest your money! Or See the Conclusion.

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Bitcoin Society App is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe trading applications:

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Crypto Trading Software Info

Bitcoin Society App System is a freshly-launched trading software which is supposed to act as one of the legit crypto trading robots. It is presented by a guy who is called Billy Mendoza. He claims to be the creator of the investment solution but is nothing more than a person who introduces it to the public.

This is revealed later in the advertising clip. In fact, users only hear the voice of Billy and get to see a couple of pictures of him. Our inquiry confirmed that those are just stock images. The man that is seen on them is just a hired actor.

Further research into the crypto mining solution reveals that it has close connections to some proven scam trading systems and dubious crypto brokers. One should be very careful if one decides to register for it. It might even be a sham as well.

Billy Menza & the Scam Attempt

The main problem with all the different crypto robots, released in the last year, is the fact that every one of them supposedly handles the best cryptocurrency to mine. The same is also valid for the one at present. Billy Menza claims that his trading solution applies a powerful and lucrative financial secret of the Bitcoin market but users are not sure if the software actually deals with cryptocurrencies.

The man himself is not a real person. Traders hear the voice of a paid actor who narrates the short promotional video and see several stock images. Nothing more. We have taken into consideration the fact that the currency mining system is still new and does have the chance to establish a name for itself.

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The likelihood of this happening, however, is very low. It is best for online investors to get started with a truly genuine Forex robot like QProfit System which handles real-life trading operations. Trading reviews about it have been predominantly positive.

Interesting Fact:

Users better keep in mind that the Bitcoin value is experiencing a stall at the moment. It is much wiser to trade with Ethereum and its Altcoin – Ethers as its average price was the subject of a steady growth pattern in 2017. A trader should always strive to ride the current trends if he or she wishes to generate favorable daily results.

Close Ties to Devious Trading System & Stolen Testimonials

Bitcoin Society App utilizes fake user testimonials in order to appear legit. This is either because the cryptocurrency exchange solution has stolen them from the proven scam Exposed Money System or because it is created by the same people. Users are generally advised to avoid the services of the trade bot.

Not only this but it also connects users with unregulated crypto brokers. This exposes unsuspecting customers to a direct threat of losing their initial deposits. There are far better investment systems available on the Internet.

Potential Scam Warning!

The founders of this crypto mining tool did their best to disguise its origins and make it appear as being legit. They failed to miss some details which are present on the official website and the promotional video of the crypto robot which led to us uncovering the truth about it.


Users should know keep in mind that it does not partner with approved trading platforms. Investing any kind of monetary sums with it is not considered safe. One would be most wise to rely on the services of a truly authentic scrypt mining instrument or Forex robot.

Not a Community Users Wish to Join!

Bitcoin Society App System is not a cryptocurrency exchanged which should be trusted. There are strong indications that it might even be a scam. There is absolutely nothing spectacular or unique about its special features. Its accuracy rate is also pretty low when compared to average industry results. It is best to sign-up for a truly reliable and legit trading system.

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