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Is ATrader App a Scam?

ATrader App is a new stock trading system. But does this application deliver satisfying results or is ATrader App a Scam?

Make sure you read this review before you make an investment! Or See the Conclusion.

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A Trader App – What is it?

A Trader App is a newly established online trading solution that is now available on the market. It has been allegedly created by a man called Matthew Bradbury. It has to be said here that the interface of the system looks very similar to many other investment robots. This is not a good sign when it comes to authenticity and originality.

If you check the official site of the robot you will see that it allegedly has some amazing features that will boost your trades and help you achieve success. Well, this is completely normal considering that all the scams promise great results but cannot give us a single proof of their proficiency.

Finally, we revealed some very curious facts related to this new trading solution. We are going to share with you all the gathered information. Read this scam review to get more details about this suspicious piece of software.

Who is Matthew Bradbury?

If you decide to watch the promo video that is available on the official website of the trading robot, you will see a man, calling himself Matthew Bradbury. He claims to be the founder and creator of this trading product. During the whole video, however, he calls the product with a name that differs from the official one.

Mr. Bradbury uses the name Aria App. Our research confirmed that this is actually an old scam system. Do you know what this means? That the A Trader App is nothing more but an old bogus product that is just presented with another name. The people behind it didn’t even bother to change the promo video of the software.

And Matthew Bradbury does not exist as you may figure out. The man you see is a paid actor and nothing more.


More About A Trader App

The interesting thing about the trading process of the system is that it is said to use trade patterns. In other words, it is supposed not to give a signal in case the trade is risky. This should make sure that your invested funds are safe. Well, we advise you to think twice. Such kind of trading tool just doesn’t exist in the real world. All of you know how risky and unpredictable the trading field is. This is why a system that never loses just cannot be built. And whoever claims it can, is lying to you.

In addition, you will hear that this software utilizes hyperresponsive data speed and analysis of 3 million market variables. That is what supposedly gives the ATrader App its leading edge. Of course, there isn’t a single proof to confirm the reliability of these statements and promises of success.

Unreliable Brokers

We checked the supported brokers by this suspicious trading system only to find out that they are unregulated and unauthentic. This means that if you decide to sign up for this solution, you will lose all your invested funds.

ATrader App – An Old Scam Presented as New?

The undeniable truth about ATrader App is that it is a scam that should be avoided at any cost. Furthermore, it is actually an old scam platform that is trying to convince people in its legitimacy. All this is a lost cause as we do not have a short memory and remember the original scam very well. After all, even the promo video hasn’t been changed.

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We also browsed the web to get some authentic feedback and all of it was negative, even the other reviews on the system. This only proves our negative final verdict.

In case you are willing to find a reliable and authentic trading solution, we would recommend the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas.

Final Verdict

A Trader App is actually an old scam system that has been trying to take advantage of regular traders once again. This time we hope that this won’t happen, therefore, we advise all our readers to warn their friends about this bogus product. It is highly dangerous and everyone should stay away from it.

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