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Quick Investment App Overview

RaceOption is a digital trading app which was designed and developed by a group of skilled stocks and bonds investment experts. They have operated in an extended variety of financial fields and this is one of the main reasons why the lifestyle-changing platform is a preferred choice. It meets the needs of a solid number of users as it is available as a web-based software and a mobile app.

Another reason why people choose this lifestyle-improving app over others on the Internet is that it offers a good number of account types that can suit the individual requirements of clients. It also gives them access to a handful of truly unique features, like a Personal Account Manager, Welcome Bonuses, and extensive learning materials.

Almost anyone can generate consistent daily results with this digital stocks and bonds trading solution. Clients feedback and professional review from expert investors have had nothing but a positive tone.

Review Verdict: RaceOption is Not a Scam

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Our investigation into its performance arrived at the logical conclusion that it is legit and genuine. Users have nothing to fear as it also complies with the best-established SSL and service quality standards. They can safely proceed to register with the shares investment app.

Applied Trading Platform Review

The RaceOption trading platform allows users to place several different trades simultaneously. This is possible because of the fact that it utilizes a highly-efficient investment software. It delivers proper and continuous services. This is something very important as to the achievement of favorable daily results.

Clients can access it via several different methods – the Internet, Android, and iPhone devices. No additional downloading is required. The only necessary thing that they should be in possession of is a stable connection to the world wide web.

There are more than 150 different assets from the main trading categories – stocks, bonds, and shares. This provides individuals with an extended variety and lots of opportunities to generate the desired. The trading app sets the right conditions for them to change their average lifestyle for good for the better.

Keep in Mind:

There are lots of special features that individuals can put to extremely good use if they opt for the RaceOption trading app. Clients can see their entire trading history, place speedy stocks and bonds trades, get live stocks feed on the most important events, and keep their login details from the browser version with no additional requests.

Account Types That Users Can Opt For

We have already stated above in this trading review that one of the main benefits of getting started with this shares investment app is the extended number of available account types. Users will find a short description of their main special features below. The required minimum deposit increases reciprocally to the account type ladder. But so does the number of included unique features and the likelihood of getting good daily results.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Bronze Trading Account: Some of the offered features include 1-hour withdrawals, 24/7 live customer support which is available in a video and chat form, a free training demo account, and a copy trading opportunity.
  • Silver Trading Account: This is the most popular choice among all of RaceOption’s account types. It includes all of the special features provided in the Bronze Account, adding a Master Class educational investment session and an individual account manager.
  • Gold Trading Account: Again, it includes all of the tools offered by the Bronze and Silver Accounts with an added extra Integrated Technical Analysis.

Review Verdict: RaceOption is Not a Scam

Visit RaceOption Official Website

Good Educational Facility

The RaceOption stocks and shares trading app gives its clients the opportunity to increase their knowledge and comprehension of the investment sphere. They can do so by taking advantage of the wonderful materials, made available for free in the Education Center. There are also frequent guest-lecturing investment experts that answer questions and explain strategies. Another helpful tool is the entertaining vlog entries.

Legit & Authentic Stocks and Bonds Trading App

The exhaustive inquiry that was carried out into the services of this investment platform revealed that it is legit and trustworthy. Users can rest assured that they have made a good choice if they register. It is the carrier of several stamps-of-approval. Every feature that it offers to clients has been developed and designed with the client’s needs and possible concerns in mind.

This is also visible from the public reaction towards it. RaceOption shares trading app also applies the strictest 256-bit encryption protocols. It manages to keep personal data completely secure by storing it on several separate servers that are located across the globe.

How to Open An Account?

There is nothing hard about opening a trading account with this lifestyle-enhancing app. The process is the same as with any other investment solution. Users type in their basic details into a sign-up form and wait for a confirmatory email to be sent to their private inbox.

It will include an applied link which they must follow in order to activate their account. Then, they can begin to customize it with the help of a Personal Account Manager who will answer their every question. That’s it!

Below follow a short explanation of how to get started with the investment app:

1. Register For An Account

2. Make Initial Deposit

3. Trade & Get Good Results

Main Advantages Of Getting Started With The Trading App

Digital investors will find that they will achieve solid and fruitful daily results if they get started with the online investment app. This is all thanks to its rock-solid special features. They can expect nothing but a truly positive financial experience:

  • Great Service Quality;
  • 24/7 Customer Support Care;
  • Non-Stop Opportunities To Enhance Their Understanding Of The Investment Sphere;
  • Numerous Investment, Deposit, & Withdrawal Methods;
  • 1-Hour Expedited Withdrawals For Special Occasions;
  • Professional Guidance, Education Center, & Training;
  • Expanded Library Of Interactive Learning Materials;

RaceOption Trading App – A Good Choice For Beginners & Skilled Users!

RaceOption broker platform falls among the best investment apps on the Internet. It is legit, authentic, and trustworthy. All of the issued trading reviews and testimonials have been raving. It provides 24/7 access to a wide range of special tools and useful materials. We consider it to be a legit and genuine investment instrument. Clients can safely take advantage of its services as it complies with the top-notch service quality standards in the industry.


  1. Race Option is an amazing trading platform. I am really satisfied with the daily results I am able to generate. This is why I decided to write here and to recommend it to all the people who are still wondering which solution to choose.

  2. Yes, I agree with Sam. This is an excellent stock trading solution. Does anyone know if they are regulated?

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