Is QProfit System a Scam?

Last updated: January 9, 2018


QProfit System – A Scam to Avoid or a Reliable System?
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Broker QProfit System
Official Website URL
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Payout 95%
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, Master Card, American Express JCB, UnionPay, Neteller, Skril, Perfect Money
Number of Assets 90+
Overall Score 9.6/10

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Online automated investments’ huge popularity is due to the ease with which anyone can become a trader regardless of previous occupation or background. Software solutions like the new QProfit System by Jerry Douglas are constantly being released onto the market. Their purpose is one – to enable people to join the investment field without having to cover the huge and steep learning curve.

But the market for trading solutions and platforms for automation is saturated with countless of options, types, and offers. They all differ in some way but most interesting are those software opportunities that have a unique edge and technological foundation.

Review Verdict: QProfit System is Not a Scam

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This is the case with this automated system. Developed through the collaboration of Jerry Douglas, CEO of the mother company, and Sasha Petroshenko – a professional software engineer, the forex trading robot utilizes speed, calculating power, and sophisticated prediction algorithms to provide the best results possible. More about it, you can learn in the full review below.

Keep in Mind:

Scam systems can be recognized by the fact that they share almost nothing about how they work and what is their origin. This is not the case with this automated software solution. It is not a scam – this is the main conclusion we reached while investigating it.

Foundation of the Automated Trading Robot

What gives any system for investments on autopilot an edge compared to its competition, is the technological base it has been built on. The theoretical and practical principles involved in its creation and if the technology used is up to date and suitable for the purposes of automated trading are among the main things you should look for when choosing your partner in online trading.

Having mentioned all that, Jerry Douglas’ investment forex robot is one of the top quality products you can find to satisfy your need for a trading solution. Apart from being fully automated, the QProfit System is a smoothly working combination of sophisticated technology and expert engineering. It integrates into itself three main principles – top speed of execution relying on latest quantum technology, big data investment analyses, and the tech expertise of Mr. Petroshenko and his experience as a NASA engineer.

Unique Edge:

One of the unique notable aspects of the software is the application of trajectory predicting algorithms which have been adapted for the purpose of financial operations and investments. They can track and analyze real time market data … in real time, making the best and most accurate predictions on what will be the future value of a given asset.

Following all these principles, the automated trading software is expected to place a high-probability of winning trade at the most opportunistic moment, so that the risk-reward ratio is justified and beneficial for the trader. The background of this automated financial system is genuine and can be confirmed.

How Does The Software Operate?

This online investment platform is fully automated and it offers ordinary people direct access to the trading industry. No knowledge or previous experience is required for you to be able to run the investment software – thanks to its sophisticated execution it is suitable for both professional traders and complete beginners:

  • Autopilot Mode – when you activate it, you just press the start button and the system will independently make analyses and look for possible trades to make. It will make investments on autopilot according to the settings you predetermine for it, including invested amount and asset type. You can set a number of trades you want to be executed and after the number has been completed, the autopilot will stop executing trades.
  • Manual Mode – if you decide to trade in manual mode you will have to choose the moment to invest yourself by monitoring price movements and making your own analyses. The software will still give you alerts on how is best to trade but you can choose to ignore them. In this mode, you can manually choose different investment amount per each trade you make.

Whichever mode you choose, you can rely on the system’s high accuracy achieved thanks to its complex and sophisticated algorithms. The manual mode is recommended for people with more experience who know how to make technical analyses based on various economic variables and have previous experience in the field.

QProfit System – Scam or Not?

Apart from sounding like a top choice for making automated investments online, this forex trading robot provides not only quality but safety and security as well. It has been integrated through and through with some of the most reliable and trustworthy brokerage companies of the industry.

Review Verdict: QProfit System is Not a Scam

Visit QProfit System Official Website


With a solid background that can be verified, built with the efforts of Jerry Douglas and Sasha Petroshenko – both experts in their respective fields, there is no room to question the legitimacy of this software. Not only that, but the software is also quite reputable and many clients who have already had the chance to trade-test it share it their positive experience with it.

Additional Information:

A system being integrated with reliable brokers provides for funds’ security and easy withdrawals. There are no transaction delays and there is no risk for your account as it is thoroughly protected.

Free & Entirely Browser-Based

Many people think that if an automated investment system like this one is so good and profitable as it looks, then it must cost a lot. In reality, this robot is provided entirely for FREE. You have the chance to acquire one of the offered licenses free of charge with no additional taxes and payments.

It is quite often for investment software to be downloaded and installed. An advantage of this trading robot is that it is entirely web-based and you can run it in your browser just by logging into the platform. No installation is needed, just a stable Internet connection.

Expected Returns of Jerry Douglas’ System

Of course, for a system to be useful being safe is not enough. It has to actually generate good results in the process of making investments. Our team has verified a high success rate that gravitates above the industry average. In other words, you would be able to generate good results, carrying moderate risk and with average investments per trade.


Achieved results will vary depending on how much initial capital you have. The more it is, the more investments you would be able to execute.

The success rate of the QProfit System robot has been verified by our investigators and that is why it has become so popular in the trading community and is a preferred means to make automated investments.

How to Become a Client?

As it has been mentioned, there are free licenses offered up by the company and Mr. Douglas. You can acquire one of them by following the steps:

  • Fill In the Registration Form – complete the registration process to reserve a free spot on the investment platform.
  • Deposit Initial Capital – you will be connected to one of the trusted brokers that have been integrated with this auto-trading forex platform. The accepted minimum starting amount is $250. You hold all rights over the deposit, it is used only for making investments and is not a payment for the brokerage. Your spot on the trading platform is free of charge.
  • Activate Autopilot – once you have deposited, you can initiate the auto-mode of the software and it will begin the process of making investments start to finish. If you are more experienced in the field, just monitor the provided indicators and place your own trades manually.


Of course, at a given moment you will want to make a withdrawal of all accumulated results. You can do that by submitting the required request with your dedicated broker. It will be processed in a matter of days and your funds – transferred to your personal financial accounts via the same way you used to make the deposit. With most brokers, you have various options to use in order to deposit – credit or debit card, wire transfer, and e-wallets. Some of the best brokers provide the chance to deposit in a currency different from $, and your operations will be carried out in the currency you choose.

Rest assured, the brokers integrated with this QProfit System auto-trading software are all reliable and trustworthy, and all of your capital, funds, and investments will be safe and guarded under strict policies against money-laundering and corruption.

Customer Support Care

Another important feature of any reliable and authentic options trading and forex investment software is the availability of multilingual round-the-clock support. The team of the big data investment software by Mr. Jerry Douglas is international and provides professional support on all levels of the registration and trading process. You are free to contact them 24/7 with any questions you might have. They are available via live-chat and email.

In addition to that, you can also directly contact your broker via the provided means on the official brokerage website, once you have been integrated with them.

Review Verdict: QProfit System is Not a Scam

Visit QProfit System Official Website



Jerry Douglas’ online investment software is one of the best trading systems that have been released in the past months. It quickly gained popularity and rose to the top of the trading ranks due to its state-of-the-art technology and algorithms used in the creation of the robot. QProfit System already hosts hundreds of clients worldwide and you still have the chance to join it as there are more free licenses provided.Its success rate has been verified by our team to surpass industry average and you can run it in your browser. To answer the most important question regarding the robot – it is not a scam and we definitely recommend it.

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