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What is OptionRobot?

Over the past few years, stock trading has become a lot risky due to the prevalence of scam bots. Today, it has become hard to identify the real ones from the fake ones. But when we talk about OptionRobot, we don’t have to worry because this software has been proven to work.

It is one of the best you can get your hands on and recently we have also conducted a research to reveal the facts about this system. So continue reading this review and find out more about the OptionRobot.

OptionRobot – Is it a Scam to Avoid?

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We don’t think OptionRobot is a scam because the system is authentic. It has an accuracy rate above industry average and traders are so far satisfied with the service and features that are offered by OptionRobot. The reviews are generally positive and the experiences of real traders tell us that the robot is worth considering.

The brokers that are assigned are licensed which is a huge plus point for choosing this system.

What is The OptionRobot Price?

You don’t have to invest in the OptionRobot because it is a free system. This highly accurate system is being given away for free so you can place trades and maximize your results. However, you have to meet one requirement before you can avail the system and enhance the performance in stock trading. You have to link your account to an acknowledged broker.

Review Verdict: OptionRobot is NOT a Scam

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You can choose a broker from their list when you filling out the sign up form. There is an investment required that must be made before you can start placing trades on the available assets.

Getting Started with OptionRobot

  1. Free Sign Up – it only takes a minute to sign up with the OptionRobot. When you click on the Open Account tab at the top of the homepage, you will be taken to the sign up form which you must fill out completely.
  2. Trade and Invest – Before you can place trades, you must invest in an accepted broker. Once the amount is in your account, you can trade and invest.
  3. Withdrawal – It is easy to get your investments in an account of your choice by filling out and submitting a withdrawal request form.

How Does OptionRobot Work?

The OptionRobot generates signals which the trader can use to make trading decisions. The robot allows traders to trade with its assistance or manually. All of the trading tasks which include market analysis, predictions and signal generation are carried out by the robot.

Traders can choose which technical indicators they want the robot to use when it comes to generating signals. The expiration times that the robot uses include 60 seconds, 5, 10, 15 and 60 minutes. But, all the expiration times are not supported by all of the brokers. You must check this information on the respective broker’s site before you choose.

Special Features

Trading with the OptionRobot is easy and smooth due to all of its special features. First of all, the robot allows you to set preferences and customize it settings so you can be in control of trading process. You can decide how much you want to invest per day, maximum daily losses you can withstand, the assets you want to trade and so on. The risk level control features gives you the ability to select a risk level that you are comfortable with.

Review Verdict: OptionRobot is NOT a Scam

Visit OptionRobot Official Website

For example, if you are a beginner, then you can take minimum risks when it comes to making investments. The reverse trading feature allows you to trade opposite to the signals that are being generated. The feature is extremely useful when the robot starts generating signals which are more likely to result in losses. You can prevent losses and maximize results by placing opposite trades.


One of the greatest advantages of Option Robot in comparison to its competitors is the fact that its implemented software utilizes extremely fast calculating algorithm which is actually able to generate you good results on daily basis. The robot also provides its users with the ability to customize all the settings of the platform in order to experience the full capabilities of the product.

Based on the results our investigation gathered, we can say for sure that Option Robot is absolutely legit, reliable and authentic online trading source.


  1. Hein, do you use OptionRobot? If so, can you assist me please, I also want to use them but I am new here.

  2. I’ve just signed up with optionrobot. Hope its as good as it looks on demo mode. Will keep you guys updated after christmas when i test it out. Fingers crossed.

  3. Hi everyone. My name is Elia, from South Africa. This is the best and most reliable way to trade and I can assure you that you can earn more than the average of 83% if you make good settings with this robot. NB: Patience is the key to make 100% SUCCESSFUL trades in this industry.

  4. Option Robot is a real surprise for me. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful and easy to use. The results it generates on a daily basis are just awesome so I recommend it to everyone.

  5. This is one of the best stock trading apps that I have ever tried. It practically does the analyzes and gives you signals. The features are also nice and so is the design – simplistic and easy to set up. It does not distract you from the actual investments.

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