Is FinTech Limited a Scam?

Last updated: December 22, 2017


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Broker FinTech Limited
Official Website URL
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, E-mail
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Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Experss
Number of Assets 80+
Overall Score 9.8/10

FinTech Ltd – Technology Meets Finance

Forex and CFDs trading is an unconventional way to generate online income and its popularity has been growing fast the last few years. Forex trading is gaining a rather large following. This is due to the benefits of this type of trading, perceived by newbies and seasoned traders alike. First of all, when trading online investors don’t actually buy the assets. They only have to predict how the asset price will move within a predetermined time frame. Furthermore, traders get a clear indication how much they will generate or lose once the contract expires.

With the rapid expansion of the sector, the forex trading systems have seen a wide range of developments and improvements. Additionally, many new types of trading bots have emerged on the market. Nowadays traders have such a wide variety of trading solution to choose from that they can actually make the perfect choice. They can join the one that will provide them with the most suitable tools and features to achieve the trading goals they have set for themselves.

We think that the next forex star software is going to be FinTech Ltd. by Daniel Roberts. You do not believe us and think it is a scam? Read our detailed review on FinTech to understand our point of view.

Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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Why Trust FinTech?

FinTech Ltd. is a fairly new forex robot and we understand why you might be a bit skeptical about its reliability. But it is already showing great results in the trading community. It is an Algo-Trading system with built-in innovative, precise algorithms. These algorithms process thousands of unique data inputs every hour of every trading day.

FinTech is very time-saving. It will execute trades on behalf of the investor in accordance with the parameters they have set. A good way to see if a robot or a broker is fraudulent is to check other traders’ opinions about it. After reviewing traders’ feedback, we couldn’t find anything alarming regarding the FinTech forex robot. Traders are largely satisfied with the provided services and it looks like the FinTech Ltd. trading bot is a reliable automated system.

Is FinTech Ltd Going to Cost You Anything?

Joining FinTech is entirely free. There is no sign-up fee or any additional hidden taxes. Trades are required to make an initial deposit but only when they are ready to start trading. FinTech Ltd. has a personal approach to all of its clients. Investors will be assigned to a recommended broker that has shown the best results in their geographical area. This is done so that your needs are fully accommodated.

The minimum initial deposit you have to make to start trading with FinTech is the usual $250. This sum may exhibit slight variations across the list of recommended brokers due to their own policy. Do not forget that if you want to invest more than the minimum amount you can do that. This gives you the opportunity to generate even more results because the software will be able to place more trades.

The brokers FinTech is compatible with have all been chosen carefully so that trades can have the best trading experience possible. They are reliable and safety and security of personal data and funds is guaranteed. The minimum deposit you have to make belongs entirely to you and you can withdraw it at any time. The withdrawal procedure itself is simple and smooth. Your assigned recommended broker will carry it out. There is no monthly withdrawal limit and you can transfer as many funds as you want between your trading account you use with FinTech and your personal bank account.

What Can FinTech Ltd Do For You?

FinTech is a forex robot, which means that it provides an automated process for trading online. After traders register and are ready to start trading, they have to fund their investment account. Then they can choose the assets they want to trade with from a large asset index that includes stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices. Other preferences traders can customize include limits on the amounts invested per single trade and per day, as well determine the risk level. Beginners using FinTech are advised to choose the lowest risk level, until they gain more experience.

Once traders are done with the settings, FinTech starts executing the trades according to the parameters. The robot keeps working even if you are not online, which makes it extremely time-saving, efficient and suitable for traders with busy schedules. FinTech Ltd. is available on all operating systems and across all of your devices. You can even trade on the go if you choose FinTech as your forex robot.

Get Your FREE Access to FinTech Ltd

  • Free Sign-Up − complete a quick registration and provide your contact details. Signing-up is completely free, you don’t have to pay anything at this stage.
  • Trade & Invest − Once you open an account you have to fund it in order to trade. You can customize every aspect of the trades’ parameters. Investments will be executed according to these parameters. You can change them at any time, which allows you to optimize your results. Afterwards, you can sit back while the software opens positions and generates results. Or if you prefer so, you can trade in manual mode and make your own trading decisions.
  • Withdrawal − Finally you can withdraw the capital from your account. There is no limit to monthly withdrawals when you use FinTech.

Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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Special Features

While FinTech Ltd. is an auto trading solution, it offers a wide range of customizable settings, which gives traders the opportunity to strictly control the investment process.

  • Auto/Manual trading: In addition to the autopilot, FinTech Profits also provides a Manual Trading Mode. This gives traders great flexibility as it enables them to open positions manually. This requires traders to commit more time, but it also gives them the opportunity to apply more diverse trading strategies.
  • Setting Risk Levels: An extremely helpful feature, which enables you to set the level of risk you are willing to take. This helps you minimize the risk of losing your funds and is useful for beginners and advanced traders alike. Those with more experience in online trading can set a higher level of risk because higher risk trades yield higher results. For novices it is recommended to choose lower risk trades in order to limit potential losses.
  • Reverse Trading: this feature gives you the chance to trade in the opposite direction of the signals according to which the software executes the trades. If you think that the signals generated by professional traders will not lead to good results, you can activate this feature.


Always take into consideration the special features that robots offer. They are the once that give traders advantage when making online investments. FinTech has made sure to provide and edge for its clients.

Should You Opt for FinTech Ltd

When choosing an auto trading robot, traders are, of course, most interested in the results they could get. The FinTech Ltd. robot is an efficient and flexible solution with a wide range of customizable settings and that gives traders everything they need to achieve optimal results. Creator Daniel Roberts guarantees that the final version of his software can generate good daily results. These may vary across traders, because they entirely depend on how aggressively you trade.

Daniel Roberts plans a swift future growth for FinTech Ltd. and intends to register his company on the stock. But in order to do that, he needs to enhance his product even more. That is why FinTech accepts only seven new members per trading day. The programmers need the individual trading data of investors because the more data they have, the more successful and accurate they can make FinTech. And if there are too many new members the data analysis will not be as effective.

Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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FinTech Ltd. looks like a very promising software. Its performance is being constantly monitored and improvements and enhancements are being made non-stop. This guarantees pleasant, smooth and easy online trading experience. Not only that, but the interface is very easy to navigate as it is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

FinTech obviously has a bright future in the forex industry and so do the traders which choose it for their trading needs. Our generated review results are all positive, as we didn’t come across any negative feedback or disappointed users’ testimonials. We are sure that all the people that have already signed up into the forex robot feel really happy with the results they have been generating day after day.

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56 Responses to “Is Fintech Limited Scam?”

  1. The most professional, properly working, profitable and reliable system, I have seen. I am enjoying it for couple of days now, but already have accomplished amazing results.

  2. I consider this to be a truly genuine and reliable software. Tried it and worked out pretty fine. I thinks its design is awesome and other systems should learn and make their interfaces also so user-friendly!

  3. Sanilla Bellmore June 13, 2016 at 6:23 am

    Found Fintech by accident. I was stunned by all the ways you can customize the software so that it works for you! Thank you for this review, it was of great help!

    • Ben Sawicki June 13, 2016 at 9:22 am

      We also find this software reliable and properly working. Thanks Sanilla for your feedback. Hope you enjoy trading!

  4. Fiona James June 27, 2016 at 6:17 am

    I tested FinTech and it worked out pretty fine for me. I was able to win very nice profits in no time. This is a truly reliable software.

  5. Heidi Janse van rensburg August 22, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    thanks Ben, signed up now, excited to see what happens.

  6. You know what ? I’m sure I will kick myself after but I’m going to put £250 max in. I have heard a lot about Forex and CFD’s . I have heard a lot a bad but also some good so I’m going to give it a try. If it works I’ll shout it from the roof tops!!

  7. Is this available for people in Australia ?
    Which currency ?

  8. Will I be able to use the Fintech software on my Options.FM trading account?

  9. Hi Paul, how did it work.
    Are you shouting from the rooftops?

  10. I am trying to join your program but keep being directed to Yahoo, please explain.

  11. Tried numerous times and ways to sign up but kept being thrown to the Yahoo home page

    • Hi Bill,
      Fintech does not work with US citizens since the SafeHarbour data agreement was rejected a couple of months back.

  12. Peter Schwellinger December 20, 2016 at 6:59 am

    Hi there.
    I am in Australia and I am very interested to try this. Are there any issues with Australia?

  13. Good day
    As a complete novice to online trading how would I know how to set the paramateurs in order to trade via robot.

    • Ben Sawicki March 2, 2017 at 9:42 pm

      hi Paul,

      it is always better to start with smaller trade amounts like $25 until you get the feeling of it and become more confident.

  14. Hi
    yesterday i just joint this sofware

  15. this is works at PHillipines stock market as well?

  16. Hi ben,
    i want to ask if this available for people in malaysia. Pls advised.

  17. Hi there,
    I am in New Zealand and i am very interested in this system.What are the rules for trading online with your system?

  18. Hi

    I initially doubted the software but will give it a try. Let’s hope it is an answer to all of us.

  19. hi Sir,
    I’ll already analysis about Fintech but some site said its scam and some site said its not scam, which one is the truth story of Fintech before I deposit my money?

    I hope You can help me to make decision…

    • Hello, Muhammad! Our team have tested Fintech several times and it proved its legitimacy. We recommend you to choose Fintech Limited as your personal forex robot.

  20. Horacio MEdina January 22, 2017 at 7:50 am

    TEngo interés por invertir en fintech por los buenos comentarios vertidos, pero ¿está disponible su funcionamiento para las personas de México?

  21. is it real ?

    • Hello! We recommend Fintech Limited as a reliable trading system. So, it is safe for you to use Fintech Ltd. Have a good day!

  22. Hi Im South African.Will I be bale to trade

  23. If the minimum investment is $250.-, what is the extent of my risk… how much could I lose if my prediction is wrong ?

    • Hello, Preston! Fintech Limited is automated trading software so you don’t have to predict the movement of the markets, the system will make it itself. If You turn off the automated trading mode and decide to trade by yourself, it is possible for you to make a mistake and that will cost you to lose your $250 investment. Hope I helped!

  24. Is FINTECH a South African company? If it is, where in RSA is it based?

  25. I keep getting sent to quantum code website why is that?

  26. Hey Ben
    Am excited about my future prospects..
    About to join..

  27. Would a 350 instead of the 250 required be more advantageous as an initial deposit? Is there a greater risk of losing the whole sum (250) with 250 rather with 350? I mean 250 is quite a small amount and imagine won’t be able to move far….. Do you think your robot takes this into account and perhaps prevent the. Sudden loss of the deposit?
    Thank you for your kind response and advice

    • Hi Alfred,
      the robot itself does not consider the invested amount at hand. However the risk are lower with higher deposit which is pure mathematics. Also the brokers might decide to match your initial deposit with a bonus and offer this to you, but I guess you are aware of that. It does matter for the brokers what you invest in terms of the size of bonus they will offer.

  28. With usd250 investment, what would be an average profit generated on weekly basis? Monthly basis? In average how many position Fintech will place on daily basis? thanks

    • Hey Ron,

      Depending on the risk level you set in the autotrader Fintech would execute between 1 and 5 trades a day. The profit also depends on the trade amount – with 25$ it will take time to generate decent profits but if you opt for bigger sums it is much fasterr.

  29. Is there any chance I could join without trading skill or knowledge?

  30. Hi, FINTECH Does it accept people from Puerto Rico?

  31. I’m trying to log in but where

  32. Hi, I have just been looking at fintech limited and it seems to me a good softweare and many comments that support it, I wanted to know today that it continues, and if it works for Spain, I would start with a cent of 500 euros, Month setting it to minimum risk? a greeting

  33. Is this for everyone or just US residents?

  34. loo soon tian March 30, 2017 at 11:40 am

    sure all the people have profit and withdrawal record?
    this is important for me

  35. Hi are those people giving testimony about fintech real people or not

  36. Hi, may I ask how to set the risk level in the autotrader for $250 ? For beginners

  37. I am from Singapore. How do I cash out or pull out.

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