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eToro Broker Review

eToro is one of the most popular platforms that operate as stock brokers. The eToro broker is a well established and popular platform on which traders from all over the world achieve good results.

It is conceived as a social investments platform – with eToro you can exploit the collective knowledge and experience of the community, you can learn from it, interact with other clients and copy their trades.

eToro possesses a wide range of trading platforms through which investors can connect to all major markets and exchanges worldwide, and trade on the assets featured. This is a broker with numerous capabilities that can offer a vast array of opportunities to its traders. To learn more about how to become its client and what it can provide for you, read our detailed review below.

eToro Trading – Scam or Not?

eToro is not a scam broker. The eToro trading platform is popular not just because of its highly opportunistic offers but also because it provides safety for investors’ funds and investments. On one hand, the mother company is regulated. On the other, its UK subsidiary is regulated, while both operate in compliance with the financial regulators.

The eToro broker also applies strict policies. There is a very strict procedure of identity verification when you sign up for the eToro trading platform. Also, they apply a Capital Adequacy policy which obliges them to have own funds that can at all times answer to the European Capital Requirements Regulation capital adequacy ratios.

Review Verdict: eToro is a Reliable Stock Broker

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In addition to that, there are Safeguarding policies in place, regarding clients’ assets. All of them are kept in the segregated account, separated from eToro’s assets. Only investors can operate with these investments and assets. Put in simpler terms, the eToro broker is not a scam – the eToro platform is secure and safe, making trades on the eToro investment platform could generate positive results with no risk for your funds. And that’s why we recommend it as safe.

How to Use eToro?

As per the information available, the eToro broker provides a platform for social and copy trading. This broker is actually one of the pioneers in the field. It allows investors to connect with each other and share what they know and how they operate.

The CopyTrader feature provides you with the chance to expand your investment portfolio. User rankings and winning ratios are made available and you can choose who to follow. Their trades would be copied onto your account. What is very good about this feature is the fact that it can provide you with a high success rate – meaning that this feature really works to the benefit of the trader.

To start copying someone’s trades, find the investors you prefer, set up a Copy Trader amount that would be used as investments and just enjoy the results.

How to Join eToro Social Trading?

To become a client of the eToro trading platform, you have to open an account. But to start placing trades, you will have to invest into this account. You can do that with as little as $50. There might be some variations depending on your region.

As a client of the eToro broker, you will be able to choose between various investment methods, including debit and credit cards, wire transfer and e-wallets. eToro allows deposits in only one currency – USD.

With the eToro broker platform withdrawals will be transferred via the same method you have used to make your investment. Transfers to e-wallets take up to 2 working days, while transfers to cards or through wire might take up to 8 working days, but no less than 3 days. The minimum you can withdraw is $20. There are withdrawal fees – $5 for withdrawals up to $200, $10 for withdrawals from $200 up to $500, and $25 for withdrawals bigger than $500.

Why Join eToro Trading Platform?

The eToro platform is user-friendly. It offers a wide variety of opportunities and be of help for anyone interested in trading stocks and shares. This is a legitimate platform that operates under strict regulation. And it also offers additional features that can enhance your investments:

  • Extensive Trading Academy – there are various free materials and resources provided to help you develop additional skills and gain knowledge.
  • User-Friendly Platforms – you can trade both on your desktop device, your smartphone, as well as through the social trading platform.
  • eToro Bonuses & Promotions – to add to their very flexible trading terms and conditions, the eToro broker offers regular promotions, some even permanent, to help the investors on the eToro platform increase their success.

Review Verdict: eToro is a Reliable Stock Broker

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eToro Customer Service

Among all other advantages of the eToro platform is their excellent customer support. It is constantly available and you can reach it through various channels of communication. There are a live chat, e-mail, phone address and physical addresses available.


If you are looking for a reliable stock and shares trading platform, the eToro broker is one of the best alternatives available. It is heavily regulated, a thing like an eToro scam cannot exist. Our investigation yielded very good results in support of the broker platform. Our team recommends it as safe.


  1. Hello everyone!

    I wanted to share my experience with the eToro broker. I recently decided to join it so now I have an active account. Up to date, I am really impressed by the smooth work of the software. Thanks to the implemented algorithms it manages to deliver consistent results day after day. Thank you for this review, guys! It was there reason why I decided to try the broker.

    1. Hey, Greta! Thank you for your opinion. We are happy to help when it comes to choosing the best trading platform – there are many scams out there! Trade safe.

  2. Etoro is a great stock trading platform, it has a lot of assets along with a lot of special features that optimize and enhance trading. My results are very good thanks to that. I started small but managed to create a big and efficient portfolio of assets. All thanks to the user-friendly environment the broker provides. Few are those that can compete with Etoro in terms of quality of service!

    1. Thank you very much, Elchart, for sharing your experience with us. This will help many investors to make the right choice.

  3. eToro is one of the best stock trading brokers. I opened my trading account a couple of months ago and I have to say that my daily results are very good. I have never experienced any troubles when trying to withdraw what I acquired.

    The education center is also quite impressive! I learned a lot and I will continue investing with the eToro broker! I advise everyone to do the same!

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