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Crypto Genius System is the name of the just landed auto-trading system, created and presented by Chris Peterson. By watching the promotional video clip of the software you will be able to see a picture of his. Of course, the main purpose of this promo is to present the advantages of the system over the other similar online investment solutions and we believe that it succeeds in this.

You will hear that a team of some professional IT specialists and cryptocurrency traders have designed the platform. In fact, due to the incredibly powerful and accurate automated mode of the trading software, Mr. Peterson was able to become as successful as he is now.

We investigated the situation with the personality of the robot’s creator and we can confirm that he actually exists. Also, it seems that his product definitely deals with cryptocurrency trading and more specifically with investing in Bitcoin. It is connected to an online group of traders who released it on the global market recently.

Now, we will provide all our regular followers and readers with the most substantial and important information regarding the actual performance and the amazing specifics of the crypto investment robot. Read the scam review to get all the data you need.

Who is Chris Peterson? More Information About Him?

We conducted a full investigation on the personality of the creator of this crypto robot. Chris Peterson describes all the specifics and advantages of the trading software. The basic feature of the solution is the fact that it makes sure that your funds are safe. They are only used for trading purposes and according to the initial results, it seems that the robot generates positive results for all its members.

Review Verdict: Crypto Genius is Not a Scam
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The promo clip of the online trading system is important for the quality of each similar solutions. Most of the people who have some experience in the field should know that there are so many scams that operate on the market in desperate attempts to attract the attention of the users. Still, there is nothing beneath the surface when it comes to implemented algorithms, technology, or trading strategy. Unlike them, this crypto robot utilizes some of the most advanced features of the trading industry to generate high accuracy transactions.

As of Chris Peterson we already mentioned that he does exist in real life. He is featured in Business Insider, Bloomberg, TMZ, and Forbes. In addition to all this, the Netflix TV company recently approached him with the idea of filming a 60-minute documentary movie about his life and achieved success in his trading history and experience.

Good to Know!

Most of the available auto-trading crypto robots are unable of generating positive results for their clients. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not utilize any advanced technologies and smart calculating algorithms. They are just empty web pages with misleading content and false promises.

Crypto Genius is an absolutely different type of trading robot that actually works.

Super Fast Calculating Algorithm! It is 0.39 Seconds Faster

Another impressive advantage of the crypto robot comes from the fact that its implemented algorithm is 0.39 faster than the others. We also managed to gather some real first-hand users reports that confirm this.

There is only one crypto solution that utilizes such advanced instruments and this is called Crypto Genius.

Crypto Genius Results

Finally, we would like to mention the very high strike rate of the crypto robot. Our research revealed that the new trading solution can generate incredible results for a limited time period.

Crypto Genius – It is Not a Scam!

Crypto Genius is 100% legit and trustworthy online auto-trading solution. All existing evidence proves that regular traders should definitely take this platform into serious consideration. It offers unlimited access to the most useful trading tools that are necessary for everyone when it comes to a successful trading experience. Also, this crypto exchange instrument works only with regulated crypto broker platforms.

We browsed the web to collect some authentic user reports and we remained satisfied with the results. The uploaded testimonials are all positive and favorable which means that the crypto robot definitely works properly. Opt for it and you won’t regret it!


The Crypto Genius robot has already managed to prove itself as a legitimate, trustworthy, and authentic trading solution. Furthermore, it is better than most of the other available crypto solutions. We are therefore going to issue a positive final verdict on its performance. The chance of it being a scam I just non-existent. You should hurry up and claim your free account now to start accumulating satisfying and consistent results.

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