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Bitcoin Focus Group System is a newly-launched cryptocurrency trading software, released by the company Johnson & Rutger Focus Group. The promotional video is narrated by David Kramer – Head Project Manager.

The first thing we noticed while initially checking the robot was that not only it does appear to be legit on the surface, but it actually is. David Kramer introduces a good concept about what crypto trading business is and we remained impressed by the professionalism of the young investor.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Focus Group System is Not a Scam

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Apparently, the reason for the cryptocurrency exchange software’s establishment was to ‘harness and unleash the earning potential of Bitcoin’. The founders offer authentic information which is important for the users. It is best to regard the cryptocurrency trading solution as a legit platform. Read the following scam review to get all the other interesting details.

Basic Principles of the Crypto Robot

This cryptocurrency exchange system serves as a multi-staged earning platform, as described by its Head Project Manager David Kramer. He states that users can carry out risk-free investments via the means of social trading, Algo-trading, and partake in different ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

Since there is no official cryptocurrency ‘bank’ which could monitor and approve the latter, it is safe to say that the purpose of the crypto system is to achieve great success. Our investigation confirms that all the testimonials and trading reviews on the website are real and authentic.

Users should consider joining the robot as it was designed with the customer’s personal investment experience in mind and has quite the steady accuracy ratio. The sign-up for it is free.

Interesting Fact:

An ICO can be any company which provides discounted financial operations with any new currency. Since we are living in the digital era, it is hard for fresh government-printed monetary exchanges to just appear out of nowhere. This is where the Bitcoin value come into the picture.

Sign-Up is Limited to 25 People

Bitcoin Focus Group System was created specifically for the purpose of testing the new cryptocurrency trading software. Alpha-testing was carried out at the end of 2016 to favorable results. The founders decided to expand from private circles to a more variable audience. This was done in order to generate more rounded feedback.

The current Beta-testing group is limited to 25 people. Our investigation confirms that this is true so you should hurry up in case you want to claim your spot in the crypto robot.

How to Sign Up

Monitored by a Regulatory Body

David Kramer explains that all user results and the main processes within the crypto mining solution are verified by an international regulatory agency. We established that this true. This crypto trading system does provide access to secure financial transactions. It is, therefore, recommendatory to use solutions like this one.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Focus Group System is Not a Scam

Visit Bitcoin Focus Group System Official Website

BitCoin Focus Group – A Reliable System or a Scam?

All existing evidence confirms that there is nothing dubious about this crypto robot. Its promotional clip starts off very promising and the software concept is interesting. Given the fact that the Head Project Manager is a real person, however, users should trust it. Not everything about its operational process is crystal clear but the interface is user-friendly so even inexperienced traders will be able to take advantage of its powerful performance. Online investors should turn to an algorithmic trading system with an established reputation like this one.



Bitcoin Focus Group System is new to the cryptocurrency trading market. User feedback and trading reviews about it are sufficient and all positive. It even displays some of them on its official website in order to present its genuine image. This means that the possibility of it being a scam is very low. Digital investors better turn to the services of it in order to achieve the desired success in the field of online trading. After conducting our regular detailed investigation our team concluded that this robot is absolutely safe and secure.

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