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What are Forex Options Signals?

binary options signalsForex signals are the alerts that instruct a trader on how to enter in a new trade. The signals are generated based on complex algorithms monitoring the market in real time. Based on the data collected the signals provider suggests to you a detailed instruction how to trade and be successful.

Every signal indicates 3 crucial pieces of information: put or call (high or low) option, exact expiry time and asset or currency pair. It is you who gets to decide the trading amount for that trade. Signals are delivered through custom signals provider platform, email or SMS. Some are even providing free signals on trial basis. Once you sign up for the trial, you can test the accuracy of the signals. It is also common for a signals provider to offer Forex robot services (e.g. to automatically execute trades for you based on the signals provided).


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With so many Forex signal providers available online, how do you know you have chosen the best one? Before you make an investment, it is recommended to be cautious. The best way of saving time is to use a 100% tested and safe Forex Signals provider. In this way, you can easily focus on improving knowledge and developing your trading skills and strategies.

How to Spot Signals Scams?

The first thing that you must know is how to spot the scam signals. Look for scam investigation report here at or you can even subscribe to our newsletter that shares reports on different scam brokers or scam robots and signals providers. Once you will find the best Forex signal provider, the computer program will take care of all the work for you. There won’t be any trouble of watching for the trades. You can keep multiple windows open and let the trading signals guide you in making a trading move.

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Top 3 Warning Signs of Forex Signals Scams

Here are the top 3 warning signs of the Forex signals scams which you must take care of:

  • Unrealistic Profits:

If you have signed up with different brokers for trading signals, you might get lots of emails regarding such impressive profit offers. Never fall for these offers. It is never realistic to make millions with Forex signals. Before you sign up for the Forex trading software like such, it is recommended to think about it critically.

  • Unrealistic Wining Ratio:

The winning ratio of the Forex signal provider should be realistic. If a system is offering you 80 to 90 percent winning ratio, that means they are just fooling you. It’s another marketing tactic. The acceptable winning ratio is always above 50 percent. If it starts from 80 percent, there is something fishy about it.

  • Unrealistic Time Frame:

If you are being promised of the money in 1 day, then beware! It is just depicting that the company is desperate for the customers. It might not be unusual for a trader to make money in 1 day but think about it. There will be lots of traders too, can they ALL make money in 1 day? Don’t fall for the unrealistic time frames.

How to Choose a Forex Signals Provider?

how to chooseNow that you know how to stay away from scams, the next important thing to know is how to choose the right Forex signals provider.

It is indeed going to be tricky to choose the best Forex signals provider. The first thing of your focus should be to choose 100% proven and approved Forex trading provider. All signals providers are connected to a Forex broker which is taking care of executing the trades for you on the market. You have to make sure the signals provider works with a trusted and regulated Regulated Forex & CFDs Brokers.

The best providers offer different types of signals such as live trading signals, manual trading signals, SMS signals, auto trading signals and copy trading signals.

Scam signals providers usually offer only automatic execution of signals while regular signals providers offer the option to manually decide if you want to follow a signal.

Follow these instructions and you will easily find the most reliable Forex signal provider. Feel free to use the Search box in the top right corner of our site to verify if a Forex signals provider your have heard of is legit or not.

Forex Signals Summary

Don’t leave Choosing a Forex Signals to Chance. 


Choosing an auto-trading software is certainly one of the most important tasks in order to secure your success. At Is-Scam, Our Goal #1 is to prevent scammers from fooling traders. Here is why, we selected only the 100% proven, tested, and approved Forex signals by our website visitors verified by our Quality Assurance team.



  1. I wanted to transfer my funds from one broker to another,, is this possible to do and if so , how do I do this

    1. Hi Charles,
      direct clearing between brokers is not set since there are plenty of brokers that are not regulated.
      What you will have to do is withdraw from the first broker and deposit in the second – no direct transfer is possible.
      hope that helps.

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