Is Zulander Hack a Scam?

Zulander Hack promises very high and quick returns to traders. But does this Binary Robot work or is Zulander Hack a Scam?

We have made a short review of Zulander Hack and found out that they do not rate highly in Google Trends and there is not enough information available for them.  As an alternative we have selected our Top Binary Robots along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Zulander Hack is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe trading applications:

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What is Zulander Hack?

Binary options trading is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money nowadays. If you are someone who’s been trying to gather some funds, Zulander Hack would surely grab your attention. Zulander Hack is a binary options trading solution presented by Michael A. Wright – but the beginners should don’t have any high expectations. Though we cannot guarantee that you would become a millionaire in a month, the system promises to turn 1$ into $532,491 since it has not lost a single trade.


Is Zulander Hack a Scam?

Since there is not enough information about the system Zulander Hack, you would think that this auto trading software is a scam. But this is not the case as customer reviews have shown some actual proof that this system can help you in earning money with binary options trading. Even if we consider the feedback to be purchased, some of them do have a ring of truth. It is always advised that you choose a regulated broker, the Zulander Hack does not give the traders the opportunity to choose from recommended brokers.

How Much Does Zulander Hack Cost?

Zulander Hack is one of the binary options systems, which are moderately priced. You would be able to download the software for free though you might have to pay a deposit fee before you get started. Zulander Hack does not enumerate how you would be able to withdraw your profit so we would advise you not to invest all your money at once or go to a system that has been proven to work. From June the software will cost $100,000.

How Does Zulander Hack Work?

You can start by going through the list of binary options and choose the brokers with whom you want to trade. Zulander Hack would promise you that it’s auto trading software helps you to analyze the financial status of the market to bring you the best trading opportunities. But since there is no concrete proof of Zulander Hack’s profit making acumen yet, doing your own research before trusting them blindly is always a wise decision.

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How to Get Started?

  1. Sign Up – begin by signing up to the Zulander Hack
  2. Trade – place your bets on the binary options which seem to be lucrative
  3. Withdrawal – After you’ve been accumulating your trade profits, try to withdraw them as quick as possible. Since the withdrawal and deposit options of Zulander Hack are not varied, you make sure your credit card company has access to your trading funds before taking the plunge.

Special Features

Zulander Hack doesn’t offer of anything out of the ordinary features that the standard automated trading systems don’t provide. There is a 24/7 helpline and the option of a demo account upon a request.

  • Some positive reviews by real people who actually claim to have benefited from trading on this system.
  • The 24/7 customer care support doesn’t always work so you might want to have a back up.
  • The user-friendly interface does in fact help you in generating some profit.
  • Zulander Hack doesn’t offer you quite a lot of banking options. But if yours is a bank that they support, go for binary options trading on this software.
  • You might not get the option of creating multiple accounts.

Final Conclusion

After detailed investigation our team concluded that this Binary Robot may not be safe.

The lack of enough real and unbiased reviews on the Internet only increases our uncertainty. This auto-trading system has not been able to achieve the profits advertised on their sales page. Unfortunately we cannot confirm that this robot is decent until traders provide positive feedback.

We recommend You to Proceed To Safety and Avoid Scams by Choosing a High Rated and Trusted Robot on


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22 Responses to “Is Zulander Hack a Scam?”

  1. Kalsang Yachungtsang April 18, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Hi, my name is kalsang yachngtsang and i got a call from the zulander hack and i deposited money in it. I would like to withdraw and have my money transfer back to my account.

  2. Bocko Debore April 19, 2016 at 7:52 am

    I had huuuuuuuuuge problems with this robot. Very disappointed with the customer service. Am I the only one with withdrawal problems and no solution for them???

  3. It sounds cheap and fake, and it actually is! Good job with this review, guys. Hope nobody else is going to be victim of this frauds.

  4. Huge scam. When I continued to call, email and chat, with no success of actually speaking with someone, I threatened to report them if someone did not get back to me. The next day my money was gone. It has been 20 days now and all they do is keep requesting additional persona information from me. ie. passport, cc, etc. Hope more people are reading this.

  5. Is zulanderhack a scam?

    Startet with $250,- have an magic win with 2 trades to $449,-.
    But this trades are not listet in history.
    Than from $449,- to $98,- in 48 steps.
    20 winning trades an 28 loosing trades.

    its time for your opinion, is it scam or not?

  6. Awful scam! Don’t fall for it! Great review, guys! Binary options trading is a hard task.

  7. sigrid riches May 15, 2016 at 1:37 am

    i have been scammed by secured options – inside options – imperial options – RBO options and some, they either disapear from contact or have lost my money in one transaction for me

  8. Terry Ernst May 16, 2016 at 12:40 pm

    I put money into zulander Hack account and I couldn’t find the site after I sent the transfer didn’t get to trade couldn’t get help would like to withdraw my cash but don’t know how.

  9. Micheal Gore May 20, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Zulander HAck is not working, open your eyes – they are just trying to get you sign up with them! My wife got stuck with them and believe me there is nothing we could do – they lost us more than 1,000

  10. i have been scamed by this company but can you get your money back from your bank ?

  11. This robot not good! It took my money and made them vanish! I am realoly upset. However, the review is good. Thank you for it!

  12. I finally got the robot working after my $400 sat for 3 months. I had 5 trades. Won 3 and lost 2. Funny thing is 2 of my winning trades made no profit. I lost $33. U will work with the broker to get my money back.

  13. I couldn’t even down load the hack. They were calling me while I was still watching it on the internet. They had my cash $250 before I could do the download and were now trying to convince me to send more. Their correspondence is from BINERY UNO. They are very quiet now that I asked them to return the money as they are not satisfied with proof of residence.
    This IS a SCAM.

  14. I was going to give details until I went on to a new tub and wrote Zoolander hack and there was the first page which is this one and I can now see how the reviews are. thank you guys because I was about to put £1000 in. the Aussie and the brit methods are scams as well plus there’s an oxford method.

    • Ben Sawicki June 8, 2016 at 12:55 pm

      Jenna, we are very happy to hear that our review helped you to make the right decision. The Zulander Hack is not a trusted binary options system and there is risk to make an investment there. Stay safe!

  15. thankful for this site,it helps to prevent scams

  16. Thank goodness I never gave my bank details and deposited funds. I have a rule when using your bank card online, always Google the company,newsletter, organization first and check for scams.

    Thanks guys.

  17. Thank god I decided to look up this page first.I was just about to sign up my account and loose my money.

  18. The promotion sounded very convincing but, thank goodness, I decided to Google a Review of Zulander Hack and found this site.
    Thanks guys – you have stopped me from losing money on another Scam

  19. Thank you so much for these posts. I was on the phone with them when this site came up and was able to tell them that I was no longer interested. I will look into one of the safer options. I knew this sounded too good to be true.

  20. I too received calls (2) while I was watching the presentation. Hung up the first time because I didn’t recognize the number. The second time I answered and it was someone from Zulander pressuring me to deposit $250… Told him I couldn’t do that and he hung up. Bye bye scammer!