Is Crypto Genius a Scam?

Crypto Genius is a new trading system for online investing. But does this Robot deliver satisfying results or is Crypto Genius a Scam?

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Crypto Genius is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe trading applications:

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The Crypto Genius – Smart Daily Results or a Scam?

The Crypto Genius System is a new cryptocurrency trading robot which was launched on the Internet. The promotional video shows only a picture of the alleged creator Chris Peterson. But our inquiry of it confirmed that it is nothing more than a stock photo.

He claims to have gathered a team of expert software developers which designed the crypto robot. Letting the latter invest in auto-pilot mode turned him into a very prosperous man over the course of several months.

An ongoing investigation of his personality confirmed that such a person does not even exist. This cryptocurrency exchange solution does not invest in the current Bitcoin value. It is connected to an online group of scammers who released several dubious trading systems. It is best for users to view it as a possible scam and avoid its services.

Chris Peterson & The Lazy Trader?

Enter Chris Peterson. No, not the infamous football coach. This is the supposed creator of the cryptocurrency solution. He claims that the trading system operates with the best cryptocurrencies to mine and offers risk-free investment operations.

The advertising video of the crypto mining system states that he is also known as The Lazy Trader. More experienced traders might remember the scam automated software going under the same name which surfaced a while ago on the Internet.

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He is most likely associated with its founding team. Which means that The Crypto Genius System is not to be trusted. Chris Peterson does not exist in real life. He is not featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and TMZ. Netflix did not approach him with the intention of filming a 60-minute documentary movie about his life as a prosperous investor.

It is best for users to sign-up with a truly legit and trustworthy trading tool. Such would be the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. It has a stable accuracy rate and investment reviews about it have been nothing but stellar.

Interesting Fact:

The robot voice of the promo video is supposed to be that of alleged founder Chris Peterson. There is a picture shown of his girlfriend who is allegedly Victoria’s Secret underwear model. Her name is stated to be Viktoria Slanko. Our investigation proved that this is not true. There is no such manikin.

Operational Speed is Not 0.39 Seconds Faster

The main benefit of this automated cryptocurrency tool is allegedly 0.39 faster than that of others. Genuine user testimonials confirm that there is no truth in this. It is actually very slow and users have been losing their deposits because of this.

The utilized algorithm technology is also not 150 petabit per kilometer. There is no crypto robot that utilizes such advanced NASA-like instruments. Uploaded user testimonials are also not authentic as they are taken from other investment solutions’ official websites.

Accuracy Rate is Exaggerated

Another discouraging thing about The Crypto Genius System is the fact that its accuracy rate is impossible to achieve. Our experience proves that no new trading solution can achieve it in such a short period of time. It is best to rely on the services of a more reliable cryptocurrency exchange software.


Sign-Up for a Legit Trading Tool!

All existing evidence confirms that online investors should avoid this crypto robot. It does not provide access to even the most basic special features and tools which are necessities in digital trading. There is also no customer support. The cryptocurrency exchange instrument partners only with unregulated crypto broker platforms. It is most likely a scam.

Nothing Smart or Genius About It!

The Crypto Genius System is a cryptocurrency exchange software which has dubious origins. We can not issue a positive verdict about it as the probability of it being a scam is very high. Users should be very careful if they decide to test it out. It is far better to proceed to a truly legit and authentic investment tool.

Final Conclusion

After detailed investigation our team concluded that this Binary Robot may not be safe.

The lack of enough real and unbiased reviews on the Internet only increases our uncertainty. This auto-trading system has not been able to achieve the profits advertised on their sales page. Unfortunately we cannot confirm that this robot is decent until traders provide positive feedback.

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