Is 35K Pips a Scam?

35K Pips promises very high and quick returns to traders. But does this Binary Robot work or is 35K Pips a Scam?

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There are ample opportunities available today for those people who want to earn a side income from the comfort of their homes. Online investments such as forex trading is one of the opportunities that can help anyone generate profits easily and effortlessly. Forex trading doesn’t require individuals to possess extensive knowledge, skills or experience because these days, there are forex trading programs available which can make the entire trading process simple. But sadly, the bad news for traders is that not all solutions are legit and not all of them can be trusted. The 35K Pips programs that we came across lately seems to be one of those that traders must be cautious about.

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Our initial investigation shows that 35K Pips is not a legit solution for forex trading. Although there are reviews on the internet that claim that this program is among the best on the market, it is not true. To understand how 35K Pips works and the reasons why you cannot trust the program for your forex trading needs, read this review till the end.

What is 35K Pips?

35K Pips, which is the brainchild of Joshua Martinez, can be undertaken as an educational course. It is available as a webinar which is conducted by the developer himself. According to Mr. Martinez, the charting software is available for a trial period of 14 days, after which traders who wish to continue with the program have to pay for using it. After the trial period is over, the program is going to cost $59 per month. Forex traders can get education from the webinar and earn generous profits from this income-amplifying solution.

The information provided by Mr. Martinez seems very convincing, but the truth about the system is actually quite disturbing. Traders have complained that using the program has actually caused them to lose their money. The program doesn’t offer any value to users.

Is 35K Pips Reliable or Unworthy?

During our investigation, we did not find anything great about the software. In fact, there are negative characteristics and it appears the 35K Pips is strongly associated with scam services.

Even the creator is not a real person. We performed a name search as well as an image search on Google and the results were terrifying. If 35K Pips was a popular profit amplifying solution and if the Mr. Martinez was really the person behind the concept, then there would be news articles or blogs about him online. We were shocked to see that the photograph of him is actually a stock image taken from the internet. There is no information and no social media profiles of this person.


35K Pips is being promoted as a Meta Trader 4 indicator, but a detailed analysis of the program proves that it doesn’t have such capabilities. On some sites, it is promoted as an educational program and on others it is promoted as a forex trading software which clearly shows that even the reviews are not genuine. Moreover, the price of the program is too high and there is no reason why a trader would pay so much for a program that doesn’t offer anything. The monetary amount is not justified and we are suspicious that 35K Pips could possibly be a scam.

How Does It Work?

The course offered by so-called Joshua Martinez doesn’t work as he claims. According to him, he will provide forex trading education, strategies and tools to anyone who registers for the course. He claims to be an international investment expert having huge success in his field. He has devised trading strategies in the past which have been huge hits and 35K Pips is his latest initiative. But in reality, 35K Pips is another online fraud that aims to steal money from unsuspecting traders or those who are desperately looking to find success in the industry. There is nothing special about the program and traders must not be fooled by the false promises that surround this program.

Good to Know:

The forex trading industry has turned many average traders into successful and wealthy traders. Making use of signal generating services and trading software has become a trend, but it is also something scammers are taking advantage of. They bring in bogus systems and programs on the market to entice new traders. To deceive traders and to make their fake programs look genuine, the creators hire paid actors. Actors from sites like Feverr can be hired for as little as $5 for a testimonial.


After a thorough investigation, we can conclude that 35K Pips is not a legitimate income-amplifying solution. We haven’t found any proof of success or evidence that the program offered by Joshua Martinez is worthwhile. In our opinion, this is an online fraud that forex traders must be wary of.

Final Conclusion

After detailed investigation our team concluded that this Binary Robot may not be safe.

The lack of enough real and unbiased reviews on the Internet only increases our uncertainty. This auto-trading system has not been able to achieve the profits advertised on their sales page. Unfortunately we cannot confirm that this robot is decent until traders provide positive feedback.

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