Is TitanTrade a Scam?

titantrade logoTitanTrade is advertising its services as a way for investors to increase their profits. However, this is not a new online trading platform. It started working in 2010. Their spheres of proficiency are mainly focused at online trading markets and more specifically – binary options. Titan Trade broker platform offers both quick and long term investment plans to its members. The used platform is the most popular and professional one – “SpotOption“. As you may already know it is fully web based so it doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed anywhere.

Since they have been present on the market for several years now, it seems like the brokerage is actually working as it delivers satisfying trading results to all the people who use it. Therefore, we decided to make our full review on it in order to check its reliability and authenticity. All the important information we share with our readers in the paragraphs that follow. So, get to the bottom line and find out everything you want to know about Titan Trade.

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More About Titan Trade Broker

One of the main impressions people get when searching for this trading platform online is that it seems like a leader within the binary options trading field. Titan Trade brings to the table exclusive experience and knowledge which is the main factor for the success this platform has among online investors. They just know what they are doing. In addition, the team is dedicated to making sure your trading experience is going to be pleasant, simple and highly profitable from its very beginning.

Therefore, the trading platform uses a nice and extremely user-friendly interface which offers traders a choice between a wide range of assets, contract lengths and investment plans. The next step of the whole process is the withdrawal of your funds which is also fast, simple and safe. There are professional and dedicated brokers to aid you along every step of the way, regardless of the size of your investment.


Finally, the substantial and detailed educational center is aiming to educate all the members of the platform in order to increase their knowledge, experience and profitability. In other words, it is obvious that choosing Titan Trade will be a good choice for every online binary options investor.

TitanTrade – Scam or Legit Partner?

Based on the facts and all the other information we were able to get about the brokerage, we are absolutely sure that it is one of the best online trading platforms on the market. Its services are proven to be highly professional, helpful and they make sure that every single user of the broker will accumulate amazing, regular and stable profits. The positive feedback is another key factor that makes us believe that the trading broker really works properly. Therefore, there is no reason for you to wait any long. If you are really committed to the idea of dealing with binary options trading, then commence your journey with the help of Titan Trade right away.


Account Types At Titan Trade

The variety of available account types that this broker offers to traders is absolutely sufficient. There are actually 4 different tiers and every investor gets the right to choose the most preferred option for himself.

  • Mini Account – the required initial deposit for this account type is just $350. There is no welcome bonus but traders get many additional services such as 24/7 support and access to e-books.

  • Standard Account – the starting investment amount needed here is $5001. The welcome bonus may reach 50%. There is also access to live trading signals, personal dedicated broker etc.

  • Deluxe Account – you will have to invest at least $35001 in order to open this account type. You also get the possibility to receive a 75% welcome bonus as well as faster withdrawal process.

  • Platinum Account – the most proficient tier requires $50001 to be taken. It offers to its owners all the available services and special features in their full capacity.

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Special Features

Titan Trader is definitely amongst the broker platforms that are distinguishable with their special features set. The additional options users can take advantage of are incredible. There is a short description of the most useful ones:

  • Rollover

This option allows traders to roll the expiry time over to the next available time frame. It is of great use if you feel that your option will expire in non profitable way. So, the result is that with the added time you can turn a losing trade into a winning one. That means that this is a perfect loss stop trading strategy for every online investor.

  • Double Up

This feature is really useful in the cases when traders think that a particular trade is going to finish “In the Money”. This allows them to place another trade that is exactly the same as the current one except that it opens at the current rate. This is a good way to quickly place a winning trade. So, you could double your profit from the trade.

  • Buy Me Out

This special service allows investors to sell an option before it expires, in case they think it will be a losing one. This is a great way to earn profits even on a losing bet. You must also be aware of the fact that the feature is usable until up to five minutes before the expiry time. It is also not available for all of the available trading options. This is due to the fact that you need to have a longer expiry time in order to use the feature.


good choice isscamIn our opinion it is no wonder that so many people have chosen to trade with Titan Trade brokerage. They are really the Titan among the online trading platforms. The services they offer to the customers are exceptional as are the profits that can be accumulated on daily basis. So, there is nothing left for us to say except to advise you to opt for this income-increasing binary trading solution.

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5 Responses to “Is TitanTrade a Scam?”

  1. They offered me a ‘Bonus’
    No, to make a withdrawal of any amount, I must trade $600,000US to get anything back.

    • Ben Sawicki July 29, 2016 at 7:51 am

      Wayne, usually when you accept a bonus there are special terms and conditions you agree with. One of them is the turn amount of the bonus in order to proceed a withdrawal.

  2. Titan Trade is one of the best binary options brokers I have ever tried. The Double Up and Buy Me Out features are really good when it comes to providing the user with various profitable opportunities. I would recommend it to anyone, it works just fine even for inexperienced traders.

  3. Daniel Rodgers September 14, 2016 at 9:56 am

    TitanTrade is definitely the best broker I have traded with. The payouts are amazing as well as the interface of the platform is super user-friendly and allows you accomplish everything you want. My profits are amazing and the withdrawal process is quick and reliable.

  4. I was quite skeptical about TitanTrade until just recently. I had to deposit with them through one of the trading robots I use. Imagine my surprise when it turned out I’ve been missing out for a long time! Titan Trade has great bonus policy and easy withdrawal procedures. The payout is very good as well. It is definitely a satisfying broker.

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