Is WMOption a Scam?

WMOption promises secure trading and offers generous bonuses to new clients. But is this broker legit or is WMOption a Scam?

We have made a research of WMOption and found out that they do not rate highly and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we have selected our Top Safe Forex Brokers along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that WMOption is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe Forex Brokers:

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WMOption Review

There’s nothing better than spending a few hours in front of your computer screen and emerging a thousand dollars richer at the end of every day. When you step into the world of Forex trading, you would find that the choice of not only the Forex but also the Forex brokers is practically limitless. After all thorough research we have come up to the conclusion that WMOption may be a legitimate broker for beginners but it would not bring you the profits you are promised.


Is WMOption a Scam?

This Forex broker doesn’t make any exaggerated claims. But still WMOption does not give a clear picture of what you can expect with the promise of 24/5 Forex trading.

Trading Platform

The WMOption’s trading platform leaves a lot to be desired with it’s not very user friendly interface. You first have to choose an asset which can either be Apple, Yahoo or EUR/USD. Then you can go forward with choosing a direction for your asset, the Forex being high or low.

Finally you have to make an initial investment to buy and trade with the broker. You would be able to make profits from over a hundred tradable assets as the software claims but since they have not yet been able show any real proof, it is advisable that you select another approved Forex broker to open account with.

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Account Types and Bonuses

One of the reasons why we are investigating WMOption is that it offers a variety of accounts and traders are interested in the bonuses.

  • The Rookie Account – is aimed specifically at the beginners and offers them a 20% Welcome bonus, daily market updates and full access to the WMOption platform.
  • The Basic Account – is for the traders who have advanced in world of Forex trading. Not only would you be given access to the software, but you will also be assured of at least 10 risk free trades, about 50% of Welcome bonus and even a personal account manager.
  • The Silver Account – is akin to the basic account which the difference that you would get a 75% Welcome bonus, worth 250$ of Silver Trading Signals and a personal trading session with an expert on a weekly basis.
  • The Gold Account for the exclusive traders who desire personalized support while trading. The account holders get a 100% Welcome bonus but there are special requirements if you decide to withdraw your funds. They can avail the daily market review through mail, a guide to trading and even a regular trading session with an expert broker.
  • The VIP Account is one of the most premier of WMOption and caters to the needs of the highly trained professional traders. This account would only be approved by a senior broker and you might need the help of one if you are interested in this account.

Though all these benefits might appear enticing, it must be considered that there is not much that separates the Rookie account from the basic one and the Silver from the Gold one. The benefits of the VIP account are not even clearly demarcated.

How to Get Started?

  • Sign Up – You can sign up for free on the platform of WMOption.
  • Trade – You have to make an initial deposit after which you can go ahead with the trading process.
  • Withdraw – When you feel that enough profit has been accumulated, you should be able to withdraw it. Just make sure your bank can cash in the money and you will be good to go!

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures

The Rookie account can be opened with a deposit of $200- $499, the Basic account with an investment of $500- $2499, the Silver account for $2500- $9999, the Gold account for $10000- $49999 and finally the VIP account for the investment of $50k and above. Though the withdrawal procedure is claimed to be quite fast with a segregated account, we would recommend you to be careful.

Customer Support

WMOption doesn’t have any mentioned customer care support details. Though there are tutorials from which you can learn, nothing can beat the one on one chat to clear your doubts. This brokerage company can be quite interesting for some of the traders but we recommend them to choose another approved and trusted Forex broker until we can confirm the safety of WMOption.


After detailed investigation our team concluded that there are better choices than WMOption. We cannot confirm that this Forex broker is a scam, but our research revealed enough traders’ complaints to not make us feel safe trading with WMOption.

We recommend you to Proceed to Safety and avoid scams by choosing High-Rated and Trusted Brokers on

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13 Responses to “Is WMOption a Scam?”

  1. Company is a scam. Heartless people taking advantage of the poor.I ‘m struggling as a sinlge full time father of three kids and made a mistake investing my last $334.14.

  2. wmoption is a scam, please do no deposit your funds with this scammers.

  3. Guillermo Islas García November 4, 2016 at 12:05 am

    El 13 de octubre abrí cuenta novato con WMoption,me dijeron que me llamaría un broker para iniciar operaciones,al dia 3 de noviembre no me han contactado y les he pedido ayuda via 6 mails y chat y aun asi no lo han hecho y no se que hacer para iniciar operaciones o me devuelvan los 250 euros de apertura.Me pueden ayudar?

  4. Antonio bernardo Peixoto November 7, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    wm options a total scam so far the worst I have delte with not worth your trouble after you deposit you never ear from them again

  5. claudio j a schmirman December 4, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Unfortunately I have not followed your review on this broker. If you like I could send you all the proven details and find out what for experience I am getting.

    So far and after 3 weeks of calls to rhe support and having to answer again and again to the account managers and supervisors, they still have my money, the account is still open and probably if I do not used they will charge me with the costs? Lets see, so far the withdrawall is not showed in the account and the support still answered that needs the accord of the manager, I am wondering if they will keep on trying to get more money from me!

  6. La promoción para que entrara a invertir en WMoption ofreció ayuda y soporte en español.Invertí 250 desde Septiembre y prometieron que un broker me llamaría.No lo hizo.Les envié varios correos,hice chat con ellos en inglés,nuevamente prometieron ayuda y apoyo y a la fecha 7 dic.2016,más de 2 y medio medio han pasado y ya no me atienden.Les envié correo para que regresen mi depósito inicial y tampoco lo han hecho.Yo ya no se si me estafaron o que hacer para recuperar mi dinero

  7. I signed up around November last year and have not had one single trade. After disagreeing with my account manager about adding more funds on to my account I have decided to do a withdrawal which was 2 weeks ago and have not received a single call. My account is still open though but no refunds.

    I must say that this has been a complete disaster and not as smooth as they say when they are advertising. I could have invested somewhere else, have wasted 3 months worth of interest. To top it all up I will still be charged $30 to withdraw and I didn’t even trade, basically I just made a deposit and now cancelling after bad service. You should try to treat your clients the same despite how much they are putting on the table.

  8. I have had a most stessful and emmotionally draining encounter with wmoptions. I was pressured into making deposits in order to take part in anevent. The $250 option which i chose wa not even discussed. I became suspi ious of the way things were handled when i read a bonus document statex that you would require to do trades valued at 25x the bonus povided before you could withdraw any funds. I thereafter immidiately cancelled the bonus which was not yet paid at tbe time and reqeusted a withdrawl of the funds i deposited that day since Josef paul did not want to do or approve the withdrawl. I was then called acting suspiciouly and that i wanted to commit fraud. I asked how ic i requested the withdrawl of the funds i paid, how this is considered fraudelent. Needless to say it is no a week later and i have no writte confirmation that i will indeed receive my funds back. Is there anyoneican complain to.
    My advise would beto stick to people you know and can trust. WM options is in my opinion only in it for themselfes. They do not value any of the possible people that thought they coul do some small trades just to test tbe waters.The company emploeey that I dealt with do not behave ethically. And does not explain detais that coul en up that you may be seriously our of pocket! Dont even consider WM Options.

  9. Francios Pinaar January 13, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Thank you for your comment. I will not deal with them again.

  10. Absolutely reckless traders. Don’t care about their clients & the trust put in them to look after their funds. When I did not agree to give them Jacob Bryce more funds he traded the last USD200 on reckless trades & lost the lot. There are other more reliable traders out there, but not WMOptions.

  11. I am agree with all complaint about WMOption. I also had some of experience like others. And now for your further information WMOption had change their name to PrimeCFD’s without telling any single word to their customers. What happened to the good service promise before and most important thing where is their integrity..

  12. Amanda Moodley April 10, 2017 at 8:56 am

    I have been trying to withdraw my funds for the past week and half.No joy

  13. Total scam and these people took my last cent.

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