GTOptions Scam Review

GTOptions promises secure trading and offers generous bonuses to new clients. But is this broker legit or is GTOptions a Scam?

We have made a research of GTOptions and found out that they do not rate highly and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we have selected our Top Safe Forex Brokers along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that GTOptions is safe. You can Proceed to Safety OR Choose one of the Is-Scam approved and safe Forex Brokers:

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GTOptions Review

GT Options was created in 2011 and offers three types of accounts, each suited to the customer’s different needs: the Mini account is best used by the new trader who is just trying to get a feel of the market; the Classic account is for the serious investor and of course the Gold account suits an experienced professional who knows how to deal with the market’s turmoil. A lot of tutorials and videos are available for free on their website but for some of the advanced lessons you will have to open and fund an account.

As part of their Education material, GTOptions offers a free e-book and a Demo account; however, the Demo is only available if you deposit but it’s still better than not having a demo at all. GTOptions has recently adopted the new SpotOption 2.0 platform. Visually the platform looks  appealing and the main features are easy to access.

GTOptions Scam

This broker is not regulated but as we all know regulation doesn’t automatically mean you will never have problems with a broker. Even though GTOptions are not yet regulated, they are in the process and judging by the way they are conducting their business so far, they will probably get the regulation in a short period of time.

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Right now everything seems fine with them but our team will keep monitoring if any special developments take place. There have been reports of particular problems concerning their service. Even with all the positive image, it is highly recommended that everyone pays special attention to the details and is very careful when approaching them until a time that proper regulation appears.

GTOptions Demo Account

GTOptions offers its customers a chance to get the feel of their service without too much involvement using their demo account service. This service allows you to experience what you may be able to achieve from their platform without having to take any risk. The service is obviously minimal though and you don’t get the full potential. The trading values are limited and the customer care isn’t very spectacular either. The platform however is still large enough to make you feel very close to the real deal.

GTOptions Withdrawal

GTOption does not provide a fairly convenient withdrawal scheme to its members and the level of access depends on the type of account the customer has. The basic level accounts have their withdrawals either completely limited or are prone to charges if their count goes above one.


The funds can be withdrawn from credit card or bank transfer which costs a steep $25. Proper authentication is also required. As far as the problems as concerned, nothing that worth mentioning has come up so far from consumer.

GTOptions Bonus

The Bonus can go up as high as 100% of your initial deposit but a 50% bonus is mentioned several times on the website as well. The trading volume required before a withdrawal can be made is pretty high though: (deposit + bonus) x 20. To avoid any hassle, it would be best if you didn’t accept such a high bonus, but if you do, make sure you know the terms and conditions that come with it.

GTOptions Complaints

The main problem that people have had with GT Options is their bonus value. While the amount of bonus they offer is extremely good, the amount of turnover required to generate this bonus is supposed to be 40 times the amount which is very difficult to achieve for most traders. In addition to that, there have been complaints in areas like withdrawal time. However, since there isn’t any sign of regulation so far, it is still highly recommended to take all the cautionary steps before diving in completely. GT Options has complaints on the internet but nothing serious or extremely worrying.

GTOptions seems to be a competitive broker with a good, user-friendly platform. Their website is translated in 7 languages, it has a lot of tutorials and well structured information, Demo accounts are available and the new SpotOption platform works well. Nevertheless, there have been certain complaints that we came across on the internet, so traders should make sure they have done the necessary research before investing with this particular broker. There is no hard evidence of a scam but we recommend that traders pay special attention to details.

Traders Comments

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After detailed investigation our team concluded that there are better choices than GTOptions. We cannot confirm that this Forex broker is a scam, but our research revealed enough traders’ complaints to not make us feel safe trading with GTOptions.

We recommend you to Proceed to Safety and avoid scams by choosing High-Rated and Trusted Brokers on

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16 Responses to “GTOptions Scam Review”

  1. Dear sir,

    I have being trying to get my money back from GTOptions with two months now but to no avail. They have stopped all communications with me. Everybody do not invest money with this company you will never see it again.


  2. Patrick Warren April 20, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    Dear Sir,
    I had the same problem , since feb 1st I asked for a refund, but no reaction, in spite of many requests.
    Hopeless guys there, don’t invest your money in those people.

  3. Dear Sir
    I have been trying to get my deposit back for months.
    I think these people should be held responsible for their actions.

    I was just trying to improve my funding & my pension, and I land up worse off


  5. This company is a scam there has to be some way of getting your money this in your account I will be exposing this company on social media I suggest everyone do the same

    • Ben Sawicki June 14, 2016 at 2:07 pm

      Thank you Jamie for your feedback, we are also not satisfied with the trading results, and GTOptions can be considered as not a good choice for trading binary options. You can check a trusted and highly recommended by traders broker here.

  6. What ever you do do NOT deal with theses people they are very good scams they will get there dues soon

  7. Dear Sir,

    I have been trying to get my deposit back no one getting back to me the telephone is no answer thy are not trusted be aware do not dell this broker is a scam

  8. R Bhandari May 20, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    I deposited yesterday, today I no longer have access to the platform after refusing to put in more than £250. Just sent all verification docs plus their silly forms and told them if I dont receive confirmation my money is being returned within the hour I will report the transaction as fraudulent. Lets see what happens!

  9. Randy McIsaac May 20, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    I’ve been trying to get my deposit back since Apr 25. They finally approved my withdrawal May 9 then again May 25. 3-4 days they say for credit card. Today is day 6. Someone from accounting phoned me last night about supper time to say the money has already been sent. I do my banking online so I knew it wasn’t there. He said to check with my bank. Well, it was too late to do it then, so I did today, and they said there was nothing pending in my account. I hope this is not a stall tactic.

  10. There are big scamer.

  11. R Bhandari June 1, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    Having same problem as all of you. I urge you to report them as fraudulent to your credit card company as you are protected.

  12. hola,pues me paso lo mismo,despues de mandarles el dinero y los papeles,ya no doy con eios,es una frauda,estafadores

  13. Looks like we’ve all been scammed. I actually think they’re out of business or have been shut down. A couple of weeks ago I deposited $500.00 with my CC. I’ve been trying to get it back with no luck. Have left many messages, but no response. So I went online to my CC to see if it actually was processed through. It was not. So, no body seems to be home.


  14. Deborah Smith July 23, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    I also signed up with $250 and then no access to their program. Telephone number no longer works. I believe it is definitely a scam so now I am out of pocket $250 which I can ill afford as I am unemployed. Too many SCAM ARTISTS out there. Bless.

  15. Looks like we’ve all been scammed.I have been trying to get my deposit back for months.on september 2016 Someone from accounting phoned me last night about supper time to say the investments has already been sent. I do my banking online so I knew it wasn’t there.Still Trying to reach them but still no luck

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