Is Stock Trading a Scam?

is forex scam

Questions about the legitimacy of trading stocks and shares come up once in a while and there are many people who believe that online trading is a scam.  But is stock trading really a scam?  The answer to this can be complicated because while there are some people who have been burned, there are some who have been able to make a success.

Online trading is a legitimate business, but the problem with this business is that there are people who always try to take advantage of others. This can be done in a number of ways. Online trading is not a scam if you choose a reliable and legitimate broker to trade with.  Because there are hundreds of brokers out there, not all are legitimate. Some are unscrupulous and enter the business just with the intention of running away with your investments. You are at a greater risk of getting scammed if you choose a broker who doesn’t have a good reputation.

As a trader, there are many ways in which you can avoid scams. One of them is to improve your Risk Management – See Here!

Remember, stock trading is not a scam, but if you come across a broker where the returns or profits seem too good too be true, then you must stay away.

List Of Stock Trading Scam Brokers?

Firms that sell signals are genuine and can be used by the traders. But some can be illegitimate and are only designed to defraud the traders. It is not really easy to tell which is genuine and which is not in the stock trading market. But given below is an online investment application scams list which can help you identify schemes, brokers and software programs that you must stay away from. For a beginner trader, online trading can be risky and the market can be intimidating.  If you are looking to maximize your trading results, then it is easy to be drawn to schemes and programs which are designed to help you become better traders.

Today, there are a good number of online investment applications. They provide information to traders on the best possible trades and how they must be executed. The information they provide comes for free.

  1. Online applications that can assist you

Packages and apps for stock and shares trading can cost a lot. You can expect to pay anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for a software.  But, how would you feel knowing that you can save all this funds because the software is available for download on some other site?  The point is, don’t invest in systems and software that seem too good to be true. There are times when these companies make inflated claims, but the truth is that trading apps that can work magic is still not available.

  1. Fake investment funds

Trading is risky. There are reasons people have chosen to become online traders. But, if your reason is to make a lot of success, then you are definitely not on the right track. Anyone who has been trading for years now know what stock and shares trading is like. Profits come with experience and knowledge and there is no way that trading can guarantee high results within a short amount of time.

  1. The broker

This is a type of scam which has become very common these days. Novice traders usually become victims of this type of scam due to their limited knowledge and understanding of the market. When traders invest, brokers take the opposite position on their systems and benefit from the lost trades as well as from both the spreads.

How To Recognize Scam Broker?

There are tips and pointers to keep in mind when trying to recognize . These include:

  • Opportunities where things seem too good to be true
  • Companies that promise no or little financial risk
  • Companies that do not provide information on their background
  • Companies which do not have physical locations or are unavailable when you try to reach them via their support center.  Scam brokers will not behave like real humans and they will be unresponsive to any complaints that you may have.
  • Companies that do not have secure internet or payment systems.  When sending funds online, always ensure that the method of payment is safe.
  • Companies that guarantee high results
  • Companies that claim that they trade in the interbank market, but do not.
  • Company that does not have a good performance track record

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