Stock Trading in Japan

Selection_003As the world gets more and more connected our lives moved online more than ever. Today, we shop online, we watch movies online, we gossip online, we work online and yes, we also trade online. The financial market also moved on the web. This is the reason why trading stocks and shares has become so popular among traders around the world. As they can be traded all the time from everywhere – Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Australia, Online investing is growing more and more popular each and every year.

Trading in Japan is no different, it is as popular as anywhere else in the world. Nowadays, Tokyo is one of the five financial centers and the Japanese market is considered one of the most influential ones in the world. As any other market it has the ups and downs but the expectations are always big.

Popular Stocks in Japan

Every online trader has a different style of trading. Some like to trust their instincts, others prefer to make informed decisions based on research and analyses. Some like to trade with short-term expiry times, others prefer the long-term. Usually, traders have the options to choose either way. Except if you are from Japan, you can’t. It is forbidden for the traders to choose any of the opportunities with expiry time under 2 hours (120 minutes). These restrictions deprive traders of their right to choose, thus they cannot take advantage of very short-term e.g. 60 second or 5 minute.

Those limited choices that Japanese online traders have make them resort to other possibilities. And the other possibilities are unregulated brokers, which are always risky to deal with because of the unknown intentions. It can in many cases turn out to be a scam. In that case Japanese traders are not provided with additional support by the regulation.

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