9 Myths About Stock Trading

binary options mythsYes, the stock trading is one of the newest types of financial trading. And the industry has been able to attract the attention of a huge and rapidly increasing number of traders from around the world.

One of the best things about trading stocks and shares is that traders can start with low investments and because of the highly dynamic nature of the market, stock trading can be a great opportunity – greater than other forms of traditional investments.

But just with all other industries and businesses, trading stocks and shares also has certain myths revolving around it. People tend to make various opinions which are not true and this usually happens when there is insufficient knowledge about the industry or when people have fear of an unknown outcome. It is quite understandable to believe things that are not true, especially when investments are involved. But, it is not fair to spread myths about something that people don’t have much knowledge about.

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The profit that you will be able from trading stocks and shares depends on the broker and the investment application you choose to assists you and your own experience. If you make the selection carefully, you will have an enjoyable trading experience. Take a look at the top 9 myths that surround the trading industry.

1. Stocks and Shares are for Investors

Financial trading was always reserved for the people and it was understood that only those who could afford financial advisors, accountants and investments would become traders. For centuries, people had this belief and since stocks and shares is a form of financial trading, it is also looked at in the same way. But this is no the truth. To trade stocks and shares, you don’t need large investments. Most brokers require an initial investment which means this form of trading is now accessible to many traders.

2. Demo Trading is Useless

Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced trader, you need to practice trading before you make an investment with a new broker. This is exactly what demo trading offers. It gives traders the opportunity to test the trading platform, learn about the features and tools and also test their trading strategies. Basically, traders can get an insight into real trading. Based on their experience, they can decide whether they want to stick to the broker or choose a new one. Demo trading is useful and a valuable tool for every kind of trader.

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3. Investing is Fixed

Investing and trading stocks and shares is not fixed. The ones that are fixed are those that come with a fixed price. However, it is never possible to fix the outcome. No third party is in a position to fix the outcome because the prices and the fluctuations are always connected to the changing world market which has its own rules, nature and volatility. If traders think that trading stocks and shares are fixed and therefore is a scam, then they are wrong.

4. All brokers are Bad

Traders who have lost their investments in trading often label all brokers as bad. Just because you had a bad experience in financial trading doesn’t mean that all brokers are bad. Losses in trading usually occur when you have chosen a bad broker or when you have been making bad trading decisions. While it is true that some brokers are scams, there are many which are safe and reliable. A number of brokers are legit and regulated by strict regulatory authorities and if you trade with them, you are guaranteed to have a safe trading experience.

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5. Online Investing Means Easy

There are a number of brokers that use this technique to get more traders to sign up with them. A number of brokers promise perfect results. Some traders believe the claims easily and think that if they make an investment with a broker, they will be able to turn their investments into wins. They think the platform will make them successful.

The fact is that this does not happen. Trading stocks and shares requires skills and expertise and your success depends on the decisions you make. Smart traders will always take the initiative to understand the analysis process and they will educate themselves about the trading process. They will make wise decisions and choose the risk level carefully because wrong decisions can lead to huge losses.

6. Bonus Means Free

In online trading, nothing comes for free. Even if the broker is offering a bonus, it comes with its own requirements. By offering a bonus, the broker requires you to execute a certain volume of trades for which you require a certain amount of investment. The rules for accepting a bonus and then making a withdrawing afterwards is very strict and it is essential for traders to become familiar with those rules before they accept a bonus. If traders don’t understand their terms and conditions, then they must not accept the bonus as misunderstanding can lead to having a bad trading experience.

7. Only Experts can Trade Stocks and Shares

expertWith so many learning and educational tools available from brokers, anyone can get into stock and shares trading.

Today, online investing is for everyone regardless of the skills and experience you have. Of traders take out the time to learn about the process and understand the importance of analysis and trading education, then they can also become successful traders.


8. The Outcome of Trading is Never Kknown

There are 2 possible outcomes when it comes to trading. You will either win or you will lose. While some traders try their luck, some rely on their knowledge, experience and skills. The financial markets behave in different ways at different times and smart traders will base their decisions according to the changing patterns of the market. Natural disasters and wars can have an impact on the outcome and this is the reason no one can actually be sure what the outcome can be. Experienced traders are aware of the risks and rewards involved and they will not base their decisions on luck. They will have an understanding of the market and how the market will perform following an event or after a given time.

9. Online Trading is Addictive

If you undertake an analysis of the market and consider all the factors before placing a trade, then you will never be addicted because you will be aware of the risks. Some traders use a number of strategies to lower their risk levels when trading. It is these traders who always make the best trading decisions.

On the other hand there are some traders who choose forced trading after they have lost their investment. These traders end up making the wrong decisions because they are mainly influenced by emotions such as anger. If you are a careful and smart trader, you will wait for the best opportunities to trade.

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