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In the recent years trading stocks and shares has become very popular due to some major advantages. First of all with the rise of the online trading platforms it has become widely accessible because everyone can trade from the comfort of their own home at any time.

Therefore it is very important to do careful research and check whether a broker is reliable and trustworthy before opening an account with them. You can always check our top brokers here.

Here at Is-Scam, our goal is to help everyone interested in online stock trading make informed decisions when choosing a broker. We research brokers to see whether they are legitimate brokerage companies or if they are simply scam. In addition we will point out what traders should be paying attention to, what are the potential risks, the most common problems they could encounter and what information they need to look for. Although investors can never be 100% safe and secure, they can take some measures and the first one is to make sure that the broker is registered and supervised by the relevant financial authorities. 

As mentioned in our Terms of use, this site is for informational purposes only. You shouldn’t rely on hearsay and do your own research when making a decision what broker to sign up with. Our aim is to collect as much relevant information as possible and present it in a concise and easy to understand manner.

About us

Ben Savicki, 38

Hello! Ben Savicki – at your services!

Not many people get to pursue their hobby and passion as a career. With more than 10 years of experience in investigating online brokers my hobbies have become trading, investigating and sharing my real experience for new systems. I enjoy online trading and hate being scammed – my goal is to protect myself and help others avoid scams as well. I open accounts with different brokers in order to test their trading platforms, check terms and conditions, withdrawal procedures and to keep you well informed about them!

Paul Brezovski, 35

For more than 3 years I specialize in stock trading applications and signals.

I was a computer engineer and accounting software programmer, but now I work from home and I am looking after my newborn twin daughters. I personally test all types of applications and signals, different strategies and methods. My goal is to check the software in order to find out the true winning ration of all those systems and whether the signals are as accurate as claimed on the brokers’ websites.

David Lee, 29

I got my master’s degree in “Financial Management” with focus on trading systems e.g. stocks and shares.

I am a senior consultant at Is-Scam.com since 2013. I have dedicated most of my time to point traders in the right direction. Most of the latest articles on the site are my work. As a day time trader I have more than 5 years of experience in the financial industry and people contact me for my professional opinion constantly. Apart from trading, I enjoy traveling around the world, meeting new people and car racing.


You can contact us any time by sending an email to info [@] is-scam.com. We will be happy to assist you.